Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'm going there someday

We had a fantastic day at the Logan temple August 22, 2015.  Megan chose to attend the temple and invited just a small group of family along with our bishop that she dearly loves. It was really a touching experience to be her escort and be right by her side as she made covenants with her Father in heaven... Especially watching her with her brother by her side.  That is a moment that will be forever in my mind.  So here are a few pictures that we took after the session:

It absolutely doesn't get any better than being in the temple with your children!

New Specs

She looks pretty smart in the new glasses:

1st Day of School - 2015 version

August 24, 2015... Shelby presents ... Mom's last official first day of school:
Miss Stoor started school today- well she started last week, but the kids came today:
Seth also started his apprentice electrical school on the same day - he humored his momma with a pix:

Guess who didn't start school today - yes, the one still in her jammies:
.... And last but not least.... My baby girl is a senior.... Tears flowing now.... How do I make time stand still?

Friday, November 8, 2013

18 Days...20 Hours...& 40 Minutes

Think he can hitch a ride home any quicker?!!!!!!!