Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm Home!

Oh man does it feel good to be home - now if I could just sleep.  This has been a week that I don't want to repeat.  I've been dreading this week for a while now - my doctors decided that a complete hysterectomy was the best treatment for my problems the last couple of years.  It sounds good, but it has been a miserable week.  We went to town Wednesday morning and Jim & dad gave me a blessing - I'm so grateful for them both.  We headed to the hospital at 11:30 - surgery scheduled at 1:00 pm.  There was lots of prep to do and I should have run away then. It appears that I am hard to get an IV started on.  The LPN gave it one try, she brought in an RN who gave it a shot and the head RN was helping her.  Then the anesthesiologist gave it 2 tries, but at least he used lidicane.  He finally got the 3rd line in.  They rushed to get the rest of the prep done and off to surgery I went.   They said I would be awake for the epidural part, but the last thing I remember was putting my feet over the side of the bed onto a stool and that is it - I guess they figured out that I'm pretty sensitive to medicine.  I do remember seeing Seth in the recovery room and asking where Jim was - apparently right after he walked out the door.  It is all one big blur.  My first real clear memory was being wheeled back to my room and feeling an awful pain as the IV caught on some wires from construction and ripped out of my arm.  Fun right?  I just remember looking down and thinking - those white sheets would be hard to clean.  I fell asleep as they put another IV into my other hand.  After 2 days with that IV - it quit working and my hand is all puffed up.  Let's just say, I hope I don't need an IV for another 12 years.  When the spinal medicine wore off on Friday, the insisted on trying some pain meds and I spent most of the day throwing up.  I refuse to try them again.  Now I'm dealing with a headache - most likely, they say from the spinal medicine the put in.  Mom & Dad took me to their house around noon and Jim came and took me home after work.  I got here just before 9 tonight.  It sounds like all I am doing is complaining - the people at the hospital were great.  They didn't have a whole lot going on and the nurses are great.  I've decided I''m not good at this stuff - I'm the mom who is supposed to take care of everyone else, but I'm really glad to just be home.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Megan's 14th Birthday

Megan turned 14 on the 12th of May.  We just had a quick birthday party at home.  Mara had to get to bed for an early morning at work & Jim was in SLC for a work trip.  I couldn't see a better night to celebrate, so we had a quick dinner, rented an red box, did homework, made a cake, and opened presents.  Here are a few shots from our quick celebration:

Shelby & Seth always volunteer to play with fire

The traditional pose with the cake photo


This is why we have birthdays, right - the presents!

The Skor Bar Cake
Uncle Todd needed to see the cake - we promised if he came to visit we would make him one - Yummy!  Happy Birthday Megan - I can't believe you could possibly be 14 & going into high school next year - We love you!

Matt & Mary Ann Ivory

The kids & I headed to Salt Lake for an extremely quick trip for their cousin Matt & his new wife Mary Ann's wedding reception. 

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Ivory

Family watching the festivities - Abby finally gave out

Sierra & Megan - served at the reception ( Shelby did too until she played hookey with Seth and headed to the Jazz game)

I think A.C. was in charge of the car

Seth's new little brother - Amber said we could have Freeman!

Look out Mary Ann - I think they both were covered with frosting.
It was a fun night.  Jim had to work and wasn't able to come & we had to sandwich the trip between dress rehearsal of Megan's play, so it was too quick.  I want to take another trip to Salt Lake & play a little!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Logan is on his way home!

I hope my brother doesn't mind, but now I'm getting excited.  They got this in the form of a text this morning.  My nephew Logan is 3rd from the left - we are going to Idaho Falls to the airport to greet him tonight - Whoo Hoo - can't believe it has been 2 years!

Dear Parents...

Well, they're on their way home...and we hope your reunion a few hours
from now is a sweet one!

We had a great couple of days with them.  Wednesday, they all bore
powerful testimonies at Transfer Meeting, said goodbye to their
companions, then spent a few hours at the LDS Welfare Complex--where
they worked in the Cannery, toured the Bishops Storehouse (second only
in size to Salt Lake's), learned about the Church's worldwide
humanitarian efforts then had a brief career workshop, courtesy of LDS
Employment Services. (Normally we take them to a session at the
Atlanta Temple, but it is now closed for 18-months for renovations).
That was followed by a departure dinner along with some great
discussion and other activities, personal interviews with President
King and everybody's favorite--weighing the luggage (fortunately,
everyone came in at 50-pounds per bag or less after major re-
shuffling!).  After a few good hours of sleep and a big
was off to the airport.

Thank you again for the sacrifices you've each made to have your
missionary serving with us here in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission.
We are so appreciative of their service and will cherish the
memories.  They'll be our treasured friends forever!  We hope they
will all stay in touch!


President and Sister King (and Connor)

Georgia Atlanta North Mission

Friday, May 7, 2010

High School Musical!!

High School Musical
TMS Musical Class
May 3, 2010

This little video is from the opening - remembering the Karaoke night!

With such little time to prepare - I thought they did a fantastic job. Here a are a few more pictures from the evening:

Megan & Danielle - check out Zippy in the background trying to get to Megan!

You all did a fantastic job - they have quite a group of good performers at the junior high this year - I can't wait to see you in the high school musicals!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My New Life

New "Mormon Message" I've been following this gals blog for a while - it is something to watch her deal with everyday challenges in her new reality. This video is a neat little presentation to help remind us all of what is really important in life. It's about 8 minutes - well worth your time!