Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Cardinal Basketball" - Seth

Seth is now officially a high school basketball player. WOO WOO #42 He has worked for this his whole life - It is a blast to watch him play. The last couple of games he has fouled out - bad refs - according to Seth. He is an aggresive player and seems to also go to the foul line more than most on his team. Seth is now about 5' 10" tall and weighs in at about 175 lbs. We watched a smaller player try to charge and Mara said "And that's what it's like to hit a brick wall!" That was the truth. I'm posting a few photos of the "STAR" (at least that is mom's opinion)!

Check out the 3 point buzzer beater!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Family Reunion 2007

We had a blast at "The Barn". My brother, Craig, rented a remodled barn for a Thanksgiving family reunion. What a cool place - it is 3 story, 7 bedroom, giant kitchen & living area, 3 bathrooms, a rec. room and a loft with 11 bunk beds. We just played and ate the whole weekend. We also took a trip up to Mesa Falls Thanksging Day, had the big dinner on Friday, and Saturday we went after trees. I have some great pictures to post.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Family Update

Ok - I'm trying something new. I'm not the best at all this new technology, but this looks like a great way to keep in touch and people updated. Life is just as crazy as ever with a husband and four kids going in every different direction. Mara just finished volleyball - she is a junior. I hope the picture gets added - I'm trying. She made varsity, but did most of her playing on the J.V. team. It was good experience for next year. Varsity had a little too much drama for her taste, but she stuck it out and hopefully learned how to be a better leader for her senior year. The team ended up taking 4th at the state tournament in Lewiston. Jim & I, along with his mom made the trip up and cheered them on. It was nice to have a little get away. The other picture is of Seth (freshman) running a cross-country course on Sept. 30. Yes it was snowing! We haven't had much since, but they ran a cold snowy race that day. The little smirk on his face was for his cousin Katie - she was just trying to cheer him on. Cross-country is done and Seth just made the C-team for basketball - here we go again. I love it though - that is my best source of entertainment, watching my kids on the court. Megan (6th grade) is always busy - she & Shelby are taking piano and Megan is just soaking it up. Anything to do with music. She also sang the national anthem at one of Mara's home volleyball games. She did a great job and was asked to sing for the last home football game - the athletic director wants her for basketball games also. She has a great voice and it is fun to see her shine. Shelby is our bookworm. She does so well at school - she just did the STAR reading test and is reading at a 9.7(freshman) reading level - she is only in 4th grade! She works hard at all her schoolwork and excels at it all. She is playing the piano and improving - not quite with the same enthusiasm as Megi. Jim and I are either working or chasing kids. We both have church callings with the youth and Jim is always helping at the ranch. No rest for the wicked. Seth's early morning practices are going to kill me off. Life is good - just never enough time or money. P.S. the first photo is the closest thing to a family photo I could find - rafting the Snake this summer!