Monday, April 27, 2009

Pig Weights - just for Janis!

Here goes: 
Piggy #
19 66 lbs.
17 57 lbs.
16 70 lbs.
28 43 lbs.
26 46 lbs.
30 38 lbs.

Ideally we would range between 60 & 80 lbs.  We have quite a variety this year and may have to separate them later if the little ones don't catch up a little - doesn't seem to be a problem right now.  They are going after the food like the big ones.  The weigh-in at the fair is what really counts - you have to be 230 lbs. or higher in order to sell.  Sounds like heaven to be expected to gain nearly 2 lbs. a day!  Janis, you should get pigs next year - ask your relative Katie, she has experience with pigs now.  I'm sure she would be glad to help you bring them to weigh-in!  LOL

Sunday, April 26, 2009

no snow???...NO SNOW!?

O.K. Jim - I'm not doing that again.  After I came inside and put the pix on the blog, we went back out to check the pigs and haul water and YUP it's snowing!  I had to take a few more - Seth and Shelby are playing ball - we shoveled off the court yesterday.  I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but the snow is coming down good and covering the ground.  You jinxed us - made it snow more!

Now as I type and get this on they are great big flakes - UUGH!  Only in Wayan!

Jim's snow pictures

Jim just called from work and wanted me to go outside and take a few pictures of the snow.  I take it they guys at work don't believe we still have snow.  It feels like it will never melt this year, but slowly we are getting there.  It is a beautiful day outside and I took a bunch.  The water is flowing a steady stream out the french drain ~ thanks Blake.  Rowdy followed me everywhere I went, so besides the snow, he is the star of this blog!

More Prom Pix!

O.K. you might be sick of hearing about Prom, but it was a fun weekend for the rest of us too - I have a few more pictures I just can't leave out.  I am upset about the pig weigh-in pix though - I can't figure out what happened, but they just disappeared off the card - I've tried everything I know and can't find them.  I will post what I have, but I do have some other fun shots: 

 I hope Katie Fuechsel doesn't hate us, but the girls made her a step to get in the truck.  They know it is hard to get in the truck with a regular dress - let alone a long beautiful prom dress.  We bought a step stool ( it was much cheaper than running boards- sorry Jim).  The girls just couldn't let it be boring gray so they fancied(is that a word?) it up a little with a shiny trim and glittery jewels.  I guess Seth put it by the door of the truck before he went into the house to pick her up - I know she probably takes a whole lot of kidding for being a little on the short side ~ we were honestly just trying to help her since Seth insisted on taking his dad's big truck!  I'm glad Katie was a good sport.  These shots were at Spring Creek after going to show Grandma Lucas their dates:
Last year Grandma insisted on having her new door installed before Mara's prom date ~ the door has been dubbed  "The Prom Door".  It got lots of good use this year, except Grandma wasn't home to enjoy it.  She did come later to the floor show and was able to see her kids all dolled up.  There were lots of photos in front of "the prom door" :

Hey look at Katie's cute backup date:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

PROM 2009

It's prom night and the kids are in the basement playing crud. Katie decided she would rather go to Soda's prom that to Highland, so she and Gage came over and joined Mara and Seth for their prom this year. The day started out with pig weigh-in - darn that swine chairman that scheduled weigh-in on prom day - you would think the school board member would pay attention to things like that! Seth and Mara decided it would be fun if their dates came to Grace with us - I'm not so sure they thought it was fun. I don't know what happened, but dang it, I lost my pictures from this morning. They were good sports about it, but I never did even see either of them touch a pig. We will have to work on that. I just wish I had a picture of the look on Katie's face when she heard the first pig squeal. They then went to Soda and met Katie & Gage - bowled and played disc golf. Seth and his date Katie went to Stein's for dinner and the others went to the Enders for dinner. After lots of photos they headed to the prom and hopefully had a great time. Here come the photos:

Seth with Katie Fuechsel

Katie ~ Seth ~ Mara

The label says it all "Big Sexy Hair"

Katie with Gage Wuthrich 

Mara with Bradyn Smith

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

O.K., Here goes  - I’m sure you’ve figured out where we have been, but I’ll fill you in on details now.  About a month ago, Jim and I got the taxes done and were discussing which bills should be paid off first with the refund – like we do every year.  We got thinking about Mara’s upcoming graduation, and about how life at the Stoor home would just never be the same – this is our last year with all 4 kids under  the same roof – Tear, Tear, I know it sounds corny, but that is where I’m at in life and it is good, but sad at the same time.  We have always wanted to take the kids to Disneyland and never felt like we could afford it – still can’t, but went anyway.  Jim has always wanted to surprise the kids, a feat which I didn’t think we could pull off, but managed this time. Spring break was this weekend and we did a whole lot of scheming and flat out lying to the kids to pull it off.  Their cousin Katie and other friends helped us out with the plan.  Seth was planning a big date to the DNCFR and I had to call his friend Katie and ask her to play along like she was going on the date with him – she was a great sport and really played it up from what I could see. I owe her along with Katie & Gage for pretending to plan this big date.  Mara was asked to Prom – by two boys the day before we were supposed to leave, so we had to get that straightened out and get them answered – I’ll have to fill you in on that one later.  We got things planned and tickets bought, and were set for the trip.  We were on our way to pick up the kids at school and Jim gets a call from the district office saying that the schools were on lockdown.  We were able to pick up Mara and Seth at the high school, and Mara and I left to get Braden answered for the prom date.  Jim went to pick up Megan and Shelby at the middle school and Megan was in the office being interviewed by the police – I know – that was a little scary, but all turned out O.K., I guess.  She was won of the kids walking on the school yard for P.E. when they had some dummy yell threats out the window of the truck at them – thus the schools being locked down.   It seemed a little over the top for some, but I’m glad they were safe.  I told you this was going to be a novel – right?  We told the kids we wanted to have a real spring break and were headed to Las Vegas.  I think they were pretty thrilled and totally surprised.  Imagine their shock when Jim handed Mara the google directions to the motel and she read the directions to Anaheim, CA.  She picked it up really quick, but it took a minute for it to sink in to the rest.  That meant over 300 more miles, but they were willing for some odd reason.  We spent Thursday and Friday at Disneyland, Saturday at universal Studios and the beach (burr!), and Sunday until about 2:00 back at Disney.  Then we headed back to Vegas and walked the strip that night.  Monday we headed to see Hoover Dam and as I type this we are going through Salt Lake at 8:00 p.m.  It will be a late night, but totally worth it.  If you aren’t asleep already, I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!!