Sunday, November 29, 2009


This is what happens when you get involved in too many projects at once.  I headed out to help bring wood to the porch and came back in to find that my bread dough was rising well! It did make a good loaf of bread, that is what was left after scones.  OOPS!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Blake

Blake is my brother just older than me ~ lets just say we didn't always get along back in high school.  I required more patience than he possessed at 17, but I now say that he is truly one of the best things in my life.  I have looked forward to elk hunting season for the last few years because I get to have him come and spend a week at my house.  Blake is a great example for me - he loves the gospel and is always striving to do what is right.  His has an amazing family & I love them all.  Happy Birthday Blake!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Aunt Rhonda & Uncle Virgil

Every time I went out to Mom & Dad's house last Thursday & Friday - this is what we found.  Aunt Rhonda & Uncle Virgil came to visit before winter sets in.  I think they spent most of the time at the dining room table playing "Nasty".  We planned on spending Wednesday night it town to visit, but Shelby ended up with a bad case of the stomach flu on Tuesday.  Seth and Megan stayed in town for practices, and by Thursday Shelby was feeling better.  We spent Thursday night and got a little card playing in too.

I know Mom loves it when they come to visit.  We think it is pretty fun too!  Virgil & Rhonda, You don't have to wait until spring to come again.

Cardinal Basketball - it's almost time!!

Cardinal Boys Basketball

12/02/09 Marsh Valley Away 6:00/7:30
12/04/09 Bear Lake Away 6:00/7:30
12/09/09 American Falls Away 6:00/7:30
12/10/09 North Gem Away 6:00/7:30
12/11/09 Snake River Home 6:00/7:30
12/17/09 Marsh Valley Home 6:00/7:30
12/19/09 American Falls Home 6:00/7:30
12/22/09 North Gem Home 6:00/7:30
12/30/09 Snake River Away 6:00/7:30
01/09/10 Bear Lake Home 6:00/7:30
01/14/10 Malad Home 6:00/7:30
01/16/10 West Side Home 6:00/7:30
01/20/10 Aberdeen Away 6:00/7:30
01/23/10 Malad Away 6:00/7:30
01/28/10 Grace Away 6:00/7:30
02/05/10 Aberdeen Home 6:00/7:30
02/10/10 West Side Away 6:00/7:30
02/12/10 Grace Home 6:00/7:30
02/16/10 Districts TBA TBA
02/18/10 Districts TBA TBA
02/23/10 Districts Marsh Valley TBA
02/25/10 Districts Marsh Valley TBA
03/04/10 State Boise TBA

Shelby's basketball

Shelby is playing in the Jr. Jazz program in Soda Springs.  These pictures are of her game on Saturday:

I don't know if you can see the grin, but she is guarding one of her best friends Bailie.

Emma tried her best to help me get a picture of Seth.

Grandma & Grandpa Petersen are some of Shelby's most devoted fans.

I can't get very good pictures of basketball, especially in this gym, but you get the idea.  It is fun to watch the girls learn, but a little frustrating also.  Seth can hardly stand it.  They have this rule that you cannot play full court - so if the other team gets the ball you have to cross the half court line before you can defend.  We have to keep reminding Shelby.  Saturday I yelled at Shelby to get back (again) - she turned to me and just stated that that is the most retarded rule ever.  It brought out quite a few giggles from the crowd.  It is all about learning and I can see great improvement over last year.  I think I spend more time in the gym than at home some days!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Todd

This is my big brother Todd - he is awesome!   I'm a lucky girl to have big brothers that look out for me ~ Todd lives in the Seattle area, but always calls to check on his little sister.  I should do a better job at calling him, but he always seems to know when I need his support.  Todd is so devoted to his wife and 2 boys.  I'm quite sure he would do anything to make sure his family is happy.  We don't get to go very often, but I love going to Seattle to hang out with Todd, Radene & boys.  Two years ago Todd was given a miracle in the way of a kidney & pancreas transplant ~ I am so blessed to still have him in my life.  Happy Birthday Todd!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Craig

Happy Birthday to by big brother Craig.  If you know him you are a lucky person - he has always been an incredible guy in my book.  Craig is one of the most honest & sincere men that I have ever known - he is just an amazing man.  He has his priorities figured out better than a whole lot of men I know - his family and faith are obviously the most important things in his life.  He has been a sort of father figure to me from the time we lost our father when I was two.  His wife & kids are some of my favorite people in the world.  I wish everyone could have a brother like Craig!

Shelby's Apple Brownies

Last Saturday I actually got to stay home ~ at least for the morning.  Shelby & I were watching a show, The Katie Brown Workshop, and she saw a recipie she wanted to try.  I said go for it ~ we actually had the ingredients ~ they usually ask for some funky things and we can't excatly run to Walmart.  I was a good girl and didn't try them ( I don't like cooked apples so they were not tempting), but everyone at our house including Uncle Blake thought they were really good.  A plate went to Grandma's house too & she requested the recipie.  So here is the copy and paste version from the Katie Brown site:

Apple Brownies
Makes one 13" x 9" pan


3 eggs
1 ¾ cups sugar
1 cups vegetable oil
1 teaspoons vanilla
2 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
2 cups diced apples

Get Cookin'

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. In a large mixing bowl beat eggs and sugar until fluffy and pale. Add oil and vanilla; mix well. Sift dry ingredients and mix into the wet mixture. Stir in apples.
3. Coat pans with non-stick spray and spread batter evenly into pan. Bake for 45-50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

Mr. >H

Mr. >H
I love this guy - he left for Coeur D'Alene this morning for a school board convention. We packed his bag last night - he does have some nicer clothes than in the photo above. I personally like him best in his wranglers, vest and chinks. Last night he said "I should have bought you a ticket to go with me." Duh - that would have been nice, but then who would be here to get Shelby to piano tonight, watch Megan cheer for girls basketball the next 2 nights, make sure Seth gets to basketball try-outs the next 4 days, get Megan to 6:30 cheer practice, attend the school play tomorrow night, feed the horse, dog & 3 kids, cheer up the homesick Aggie, help Seth buy the stupid $300.00 truck he thinks he needs to buy, and oh ya pay all these dang farmers for their grain. I was thinking it would be nice to stay home and get some yard work and housecleaning done. Somehow, I don't think there will be much time for that either. Oh Well - too late - he is on a plane right now on his way to Salt Lake & then on to Coeur D'Alene. If I have time, I remember to tell him that I miss him and his cute smile.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mom "Can you come to the school?"

I got one of my calls this morning saying "Mom, can you come to the school?" I get them quite regularly ~ I'm just a sucker when it comes to my kids. I headed over to T.M.S. at 8:00 because Megan called - I had just dropped her off for cheer practice at 6:30. She said her head hurt, so I took some Motrin. When I got there both her bottom and top lips were fat. I asked what happened and why her head hurt. She simply stated that they were practicing stunts and she "caught" Sophie with her face. I'm not sure about cheer leading - I wasn't worried because she is not a "flyer", but maybe being a base is not so safe. She said she was just doing her job and not letting her flyer hit the mat. Who says cheerleaders don't have to be tough?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Elk Hunt 2009

Good thing Blake took his camera on the hunt - I don't think Jim took ours out at all. I hope it is O.K. with Blake that I stole the pictures from his e-mail to Jake. They are some good shots, unfortunately the only things they shot this week were pictures. Blake did get some great shots and I think they all had a great time. I really enjoy having Blake come & hate to see him leave. It sounds like I may see my brother Ed sometime this week for the hunt. Enjoy the photos:

Jim & Seth looking over the valley.

Blackfoot Reservoir from top of Blue Mountain

I think Blake labeled this one "King of the Mountain"

Dad & Jim

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Our neighbors from Elko are an awesome family. This picture is of their little boy with President Monson. I just got done reading on Amy's blog all about their trip to meet with the prophet that the Make-A-Wish people planned for them. I hope it's O.K. with Amy, but i suggest you click on the link on the right of my blog and read it for yourself. We think the world of the Lords family ~ wish we could still be neighbors!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Girl's Day @ USU

The boys are in the hills chasing the elusive elk herd, so the girls and I headed to Logan to visit Mara and watch the Bridgerland Band Competition. We started the day off with a little house cleaning and a good visit with Phil & Vicki. They came for a quick trip to Mom & Dad's house - they brought my kids the new Orofino Maniac sweatshirts that you will see the girls wearing. We didn't make it to Logan until 1:00 because we I just kept talking - I don't get to see Phil very often. We met up at Mara's apartment with Mara, Shay, Jade, & Jenna. We decided that since it was such a nice day we would walk to the stadium - good idea, except it got cold when the wind started blowing and all our warm stuff was up on campus. Oh well, Blake saved the day and found coats & blanket in his car. We met Blake & Jodie in the stadium and enjoyed watching Katie & Colton in the band competition. I didn't get any pictures at the stadium, but Blake e-mailed a few so here goes:

It was a beautiful day

Way to go Madison!

Katie (my niece)

Colton (my nephew)

I thought Madison did an awesome job, but didn't earn any of the awards at the end. Oh well - the did have the coolest shiny hats in the place. Katie & Colton - I think you are awesome - they spent countless hours practicing for these competitions.
We decided to go for pizza after the competition - Blake & I couldn't remember the name, but there is a great little pizza place I remember going to as a kid. We found it - Fredrico's - Yummy! We had a nice little dinner with all the girls. They even had the attention of the kitchen staff as they played Y.M.C.A. on the jukebox and danced along. What silly kids! We then decided to go show a little of campus to the girls. It was a beautiful fall day - this leaves all over the ground.

The girls just couldn't resist.

Pictures on the famous "A"

and again!

the girls were explaining how to become a "True Aggie"

Blake has it all figured out!

on the steps of "Old Main"

It was hard to get a good shot, but this was my best one of the Logan Temple from campus.

After that we headed to visit with Tyron, Amber, Freeman, & Abby. Tyron is our nephew on Jim's side ~ they live in Logan and have the two cutest little kids you have ever seen. We visited at their apartment for a little while & then drove out to see Tyron at work. We just couldn't not go shopping so we hit Walmart at 9:00 at night and got Mara a few things she needed. I left her in tears and headed home - I thought it would get easier every time, but I think she is getting more homesick. We are all looking forward to Thanksgiving and a long Christmas break with Mara at home. It was a great day, but boy am I tired. This week is a full week of Elk hunting for the boys - which means lots of cooking for me. Maybe next weekend we can rest??