Friday, July 20, 2012

berry check

Mara & I headed up to the berry patch to check things out.  We took the 4-wheeler for a little exploring first & of course a few pictures.  

Mara checking out the rock tower - it's hard to tell how high she really is from the picture.

on the 4-wheeler

Caribou Mountain

One of my favorite roads

That is our house - from the one of the huckleberry patches - sssshhhhhhh it's a secret, right?

We might have found a berry or two.
It was a fun ride & I explored a trail that was new to me.  We might have found a berry or two - don't count on very many this year though.  The weather has just not been good for them this year.  It won't stop us from looking though - hopefully Mara will be home long enough to join me for my favorite season of the year

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Independence Day

We spent the 4th of July in Soda, like most years.  Megan is now a Cardette & marching in the parade - wow did that bring back memories.  Here are a couple of shots of Megan & her cousin Sierra front and center with the drill team:

Megan on the right - Sierra on the left - Go Stoor girls!!
The rest of us hung out and waited in our traditional spot at the cemetery.  It is getting harder & harder to get a cool spot in the shade.  People have figured out our secret!

We got Grandpa involved in the ladder game this year.

Grandma took a turn too.

The girls after the parade.  Megan is a junior, Shelby a freshman, and Sierra a sophomore.  SSHS has their hands full this year.

     After a jaunt around the park, Mara & I took some lunch to Jim at Conda.  Then Mara had to head to work also, but the girls & I headed to the river with Somsens, Thompsons, & Tyron, Amber, & Freeman. Blake & Braden Hoggan joined the party too since they were here to visit their Grandma.  I didn't dare take a camera for fear of ruining it, but we had lots of fun & the kids got plenty wet.  That is 2 years in a row to float the Bear River - might become a new tradition!
     We got to see Katie too!!!!!  Blake's family was on their way home from the airport after picking Katie up from her long journey from China.  It was really fun to listen to her & see the awesome things that she brought home.  She even brought us all a souvenir all the way from China.  It was a nice day for those of us who didn't have to go to work.  The fireworks were cancelled, but a visit from the Hoggans for root beer floats was a pretty good alternative.