Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Weekend

 Big plans for the weekend - a trip to Logan for Mara Mae's birthday & lots of work to get done to be ready for state right?  Plans all changed on Friday night when this happened:
I tell my kids not to use the word "sucks", but I think this one qualifies as an appropriate time to use the word.  This just plain sucks!  The garage roof obviously collapsed at the ranch Friday night about 6:30 p.m.
a view from under the garage door

the cows don't seem to care - can you see the cute little one in the middle?

My boys breaking it to assess the damage.

Pat's car

Buster's truck

Earl brought the tools and the plan of attack.

holes in the roof to start getting the snow out

It looked bad!

the roof starts coming off

Jordan pitched in - for a while - bare arms & tin = 10 stitches - and he came back the second day - Thanks Bodilys!

Porter came to give moral support

ready to get the truck out!

We have awesome neighbors!

and awesome kids!

Megan earned her keep - she was the littlest one there and had to do the shoveling from the top - Go Megi!

How about this in your hood - wow, I still can't believe it.

Megi & Dave shoveling more snow

Earl's cool dump trailer loaded for the trip to the landfill.

2 days of work and this is the end result - Buster decided to leave the last section of roof because it is somewhat protecting the tools that were in the back of the shop.

It was quite a weekend.  The insurance company came and took a look on Monday & hopefully will get the process going to rebuild.  I know it has been extremely frustrating for the folks, but I'm just so grateful that Jim was not in the shop.  He had been in there just an hour or so earlier & Buster is constantly in and out of that shop also.  Thank Heavens that no one was hurt when it came down, thank heavens for insurance, and most of all, thank heavens for great neighbors who were willing to drop everything to help clean up.

Blog Quote of the Day!

I'm always seeing little sayings that I wish I could remember later, so I think I may just half to put some of these on the blog.  Today's quote - love it - from this blog : 

March and I are going to make a deal together.  We are going to keep up with the things we've committed to.  We aren't gonna cry hysterically.  We aren't going to re-wash the laundry more than twice. We aren't going to eat our feelings.  We aren't going to say yes....when we meant to say HELL NO!

Sorry for the language, but I laughed so hard & I can totally sympathize.  By the way, don't you love the name of the blog "Less Cake (More Frosting)" !!

Post-Game Show :)

The Jazz always get a post-game show - so the Cardinals should too, right?  HaHa - this is a different kind though - just pictures and videos of after the overtime game was finished.  So here goes!

 This video is right after the buzzer went off - all the boys were jumping and screaming and I watched Seth just walk off.  I think he was experiencing  a little bit of shock and was mad at himself.  I went to give him a hug and the first thing he says to me is "Damn free throws!"  I just laughed - you can't be perfect every night - and you just won the District Championship!

Coach Bergholm speaks before introducing his players - what a season for him after all he has been through:

Seniors - what an awesome end of the season for these boys!

Seth has some awesome fans - just take a look:
Dad & Uncle Blake

Is that a tear? 

Uncle Craig, cousins,  and their cousins - you rock!

So many Awesome people form Wayan - Stoors, Tingeys, Bodilys, Somsens, Smiths, Thompsons, Ozburns, Mike Houseman, etc....

Next thing we knew, some reporter was interviewing my boy - weird right? Seth was explaining the patches on their uniform in the top picture.  He did awesome!

Pretty sure this is Seth's favorite fan!!  Thanks for cheering him on Bre!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks & we are off to state this week - hold on, it should be a fun ride!  Here are the brackets:


Friday, February 25, 2011

District Championship Game

You already know the results, but I'm sharing the game anyway - these are straight off my camera , finally 5 days later.

End of 1:

Way to go after the ball Seth:

2nd foul = bench :(


Halftime Score:

This is a prime example of why I shouldn't even bother with the camera while Seth is playing ball.  This is the same cool 3 point shot that Mara and put on her blog.  If you watch the beginning you will quickly see Seth shoot his shot and then of course, I don't get the camera turned off.  It is pretty funny to watch Mara tell me that she got the video!:

Beginning of the 4th quarter:

O.K. don't watch the ballgame - this video is totally about the student body - they were awesome!:

Final Score - yep it's the same as it was in West Side - tied at 47 at the end of regulation - check out the fouls too - you guessed it #22 has 4 fouls:

Overtime was way too intense - no pictures from this mom, but you can see all of that on the last post.  Soda got it in only one overtime - Wahoo!!!  Can you say DISTRICT CHAMPIONS!!!

YEAH - 5th District Champions!!!!
Last time Soda won was in 1990 -State is next!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Check out this article from the Idaho State Journal:
Cardinals earn first district title since 1990

Watch this video clip from Channell 6 KPVI - It is fantastic - they sum up the game well:

Then go to and look at the fantastic photos of Seth and his teammates!

My camera is at home & I'll attempt another post later.  Check out Mara's blog - she has a sweet clip of Seth shooting one of his 3-pointers:

Way to go Cards!!!! State is at Capital High School in Boise - March 3-5.  Can't wait to go watch my boy!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

District Tournament - Game 2

District tournament continued at a packed gym in West Side on Thursday night.  It was a tight game all night.  End of 1st quarter:

Mara took some good videos ~ I was worthless ~ this game was pretty intense ~ good defense boys:

They called this a jump ball ???

Halftime score - told you this game was close:

That's our boy!!!

With 10.9 seconds to go:

This was the last play of regulation ~ Whew!!

Megan did a great job cheering at the game:

21.1 seconds left in overtime:

James made both his foul shots to tie it up - and the defended well at the other end:

Yup ~ headed into double overtime.  These teams are so evenly matched this year it is some amazing basketball to watch.  
Here is Seth shooting a foul shot at the end of the game:


We play them again on Monday night in Soda @ 7:00 - if we win - District Champions.  If we lose, we play them again on Tuesday in West Side and the winner of that game is District Champions.  Let's go boys and win the Championship on our home court  ~ GO CARDINALS!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

District Tournament Time

5th District Tournament started last Tuesday.  Soda (2nd) vs. Malad (3rd).  Seth didn't get a whole lot of playing time because of this:

He went up for a shot toward the end of the 1st quarter and got his legs taken out from under him.  His chin came down on the hardwood and split right open.  The blood started coming and he was out of the game until after halftime.  Cody did make his fouls shots for him though.  Les patched him up and threw some tape over it and he played the second half looking like this:

This was the final score.
Seth ended up making 2 3-pointers for a total of 6 points.  You can see he ended up wearing #33 for the second half.  It would be nice to see him get through a game or two without bleeding!! :)

KPVI was there and here is the video from their website.

Next game against West Side on Thursday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why can't Mormons send flowers?

I laughed - I had forgotten about this clip - Thanks April!

More Senior Night

I've been going the the photos on the camera and found a few more to share from Seth's senior night - Not much explanation needed so here goes:

Megi cheering

Awesome Sr. Night poster - will get a better shot at the next game:

Looks like attitude to me:

I love this kid - he made his sisters day by the hug & swinging her around - funny part is that Jim didn't realize it was Megan that Seth was giving the big hug to: 

Porter loves Megan:

Halftime score:

Final Score - did I say, WE JUST BEAT WEST SIDE!!!

Senior Cakes - served by senior moms after the game:

I can't believe Seth's last regular season is over :(  I did good that night - didn't want to cry, but I might cry now if I think about it.  No time for that though - District Tournament starts tonight @ 7:00 Soda vs. Malad.
Let's go get the win Cards!!!!!!!!!!