Friday, December 28, 2012

Most of you know that my cell phone doesn't work at home.  When I got back to town after 4 wonderful days of with my family for Christmas, I got this text on my phone!!!!!

Hello!  My name is Jaimie, my husband and I have your son and his companion over for dinner, and this is them "learning" how to eat nutella and beanut butter!  ( My husband is Austrian, they are big into this stuff!)  I promise I fed them real food too! :)  He is a great missionary and doing well, thanks for sharing your son.  Merry Christmas!

How awesome is that - I'm grateful for good members all around the world that took the Elders into their homes and fed them & watched over them this Christmas season!

The Sweater

A year or so ago as I was shopping on the sale racks like I always do, I saw this cute white sweater.  I thought my girls would think it was pretty cute.  Thinking it would surely fit one of them & it was a real bargain, so I bought it.  Got it home and Mara didn't like it , Shelby didn't like it, and it hung in Megan's closet for several months.  I asked my friend Becca if she would like it and gladly took it ~ I thought, well at least someone will put it it good use.  I never did notice her wearing it though.  Then a week or so ago Megan tells me that she bought this cute white sweater for $2 on facebook from a friend Amanda:

Megi showed me a picture & I said go ahead & get it, but it sure looks like the one I gave to Becca that you wouldn't wear.  She picks up the sweater & brings it over to show me & sure enough it is the same sweater. Becca passed it along to Amanda, who then decided to sell it on facebook.  Now surely there is a moral to this story - like.....
grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.......
use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without........

or maybe you should just trust your mom's opinion and gladly wear what she buys you instead of paying for it twice!!!!
Now any guesses on how long it takes Megan to wear it?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cardettes 11-30-12

The Cardettes performed their hip-hop competition routine during half time of the boys season opener.  Looking good ladies!!  Watch for Megan front & center a few times ~ I think she is pretty awesome for never taking dance lessons as a little girl!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012


That blasted squirrel is at it again!!!!
We have an uninvited guest living at our house this year.  At first sight he is really kind of cute.  Check him out all cute and innocent looking:

Now he thinks he is hiding ~ keeps ducking behind the wood:
I know ~ isn't he cute ~ such cute little eyes ~ such a big bushy tail!!
He even sits out there and chats with me while I am doing dishes or cooking dinner.  
Don't let him fool you!!!!!
Evil is hidden right inside that cute little innocent face; just ask our dog Pepper.  Her bowl constantly looks like this:
My little buddy, the squirrel is stocking up for the winter & there are stashes like this all over the wood pile:

I told Jim that he needs to get take care of the problem ~ I was thinking of a live trap & a trip up Gravel Creek, or even his 22 would do the job.........., but what I got was Jim out on the porch having a talk with the little guy begging him to please be good..........Oh brother!!!
I guess he is here to stay, but if he doesn't stop pooping on the grill cover I am going to have to take some drastic measures.