Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas Day was wonderful. I took a few more pictures than I did the day before, so get ready for picture overload ~ here goes:
Our tree right before the packages were ripped open.
We got up Christmas morning and checked out our socks & then all converged in the living room to open presents. Here are a few pix - Megan cracks me up - she puts everything on as soon as she gets it.
Check out the new coat and chinks over the new jammies from the night before

Jim & Seth checking out new books - Shelby gave Jim a new John Grisham & Seth is looking at the cool blog book that Mara had printed for me.

I think Megan likes the new body pillow that Shelby got her.

Mara is checking out Shelby's gift too.

Jim showing off the new goggles that Liger put under the tree - we have a silly little tradition of wrapping presents from some of our favorite animals.

Seth is opening - something - not sure what it even is.

Mara checking out her new scrubs.

Megan got up way too early.

what a mess we can make in just a matter of minutes!

After the presents were open, we all headed over to feed cows with Grandpa Stoor. We had a great time on the sleigh & then headed back home for the rest of the day - Yeah!! We just spent the rest of the day being lazy - playing with the new toys, watching movies, playing wii, & a little sleeping & cooking too!
Despicable Me

Mara crashed amidst the mess

Seth on his new banana chair
Megan relaxing on the computer

Shelby on the piano with her new music

Then I got the bug to make a few treats - Carmel...
and Muddy Buddies
While this went on in the family room:
Jim sleeping & Mara Donkey Konging

Shelby & Megan tried out new hairstyles...

and Seth played some more with the new wii hunting game.

Overall it was a great day - rarely do we all get to be home together & I love it when we do. I hope you all had a great Christmas like we did!!!!!

Christmas Eve 2010

The holidays flew by way too fast - time flies when you are having fun, right? We had Jim's brother Mike & his wife Elaine & both our folks come spend the day for Christmas Eve. It was a fun time - started out with a little snowmobiling. Seth & I took a couple of turns, Shelby tried them out & Jim & Megan played too.

I only got the camera out when Jim & Megan were playing. I think we may have a problem on our hands? Megan likes speed:

She had way too much fun!!! - just look at this smile:
We also played lots of cards:

And Elaine did too many dishes:
I didn't take very many pictures - too distracted cooking! It was the beginning of a solid week of eating - so much for the diet :) I'll be paying for that for months. We opened a couple of gifts & spent the rest of the time visiting, eating, and playing cards - it doesn't get much better than that!

Tim Jenne

Tim's DVD is out - I've ordered mine! Here is a preview from You Tube:

Shelby's last game

Shelby's last 7th grade game was in Grace this year. We all headed down to cheer her on before going to see Seth play at Marsh Valley. I'm sad to see her finish because it seemed like such a short season, but I don't think she felt too bad about it. Girls in middle school can be just flat out mean & Shelby has spent all the time she wants to with some of them. There is a group of them doing a league in Preston, but she said no - I didn't feel too bad about that - 2 practices a week & then games in Preston every Saturday would have added to the stress level around our house. Shelby said she wanted to enjoy cheering Seth on - I think that is awesome! So here goes with the last chance to get some pictures of Shelby:

Wow, I don't even know for sure what happened here - except Shelby was called for a foul.

End of the 1st quarter

Going for a rebound

Welcome advice from Mike @ halftime - He is one of Shelby's biggest fans.

Mike was proud - she is learning to "post up"

foul shots

fighting for the ball

ready to rebound

Final score

It has been a quick season, but we have seen lots of learning going on. Shelby has gotten a whole lot more aggressive & gotten a good taste of what it is like to work hard and get a few wins. Can't wait for next year!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cardinals vs. American Falls

American Falls came to visit on Saturday night ~ I wondered if the boys would be nervous after a their first loss two nights before. They seemed to work out the kinks and came out strong against A.F. I really need to do these posts the night of the games, so that I can remember. I think Seth had 4 points in the first half. He didn't get a 3 pointer to go in the first half & was a little stressed, but came out of the half on fire. He got his own offensive rebound & put it back up for 2 - bug Mara's to post the cool video of that on her blog! Bergholm called a play for Seth to shoot a 3 from the corner:


After the first 3 point shot, they went to him in the corner 2 more times. Yep - 9 points in 3 possessions - It was crazy!!! After the 3rd shot Bergholm had him sit down for the rest of the game - he didn't even play the 4th quarter. That threw the game into the mercy rule - clock doesn't stop. It would have been fun to see how high he could have scored, but in the name of good sportsmanship, I guess it was the right thing to do. Here is the ISJ's article from the game:

Frankos’ 17 helps Cardinals soar past Beavers
Riding 17 points from James Frankos and 15 from Seth Stoor, host Soda Springs defeated American Falls 65-29 on Saturday night.

The Cardinals (6-1) were ahead 21-9 in the first quarter and led the Beavers (3-4) at half-time by 17 (37-20)

“We had a pretty good night,” said Soda Springs head coach Greg Bergholm. “We jumped out to a lead in the first and had our guys looking for the good shot. We also shared the ball very well.”

Mason Shipp led American Falls with 11, but a running clock and the tough Cardinals man-toman defense kept the Beavers bottled up in the second half.

The Cardinals next play at Grace on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Soda @ Marsh Valley

Well it had to happen - we lost a game. Maybe that is a good thing in the long run. The whole idea of undefeated is too much pressure. They played good defense & I thought the offense did good; they made plays happen, but the shots would not go in. Seth had a frustrating night - he shot quite a few 3 point shots, but only one went in. We got down during the first half, but went into the locker room only down by 3. He was held to 8 points for the night. I was so close the whole game & we came up 1 point short. The boys were feeling pretty bad, but I thought they did a decent job. Final score was 45-44 for Marsh Valley.

I thought the ISJ's newspaper article 2 days later was interesting:


Kelby Benson scored 15 points, Cole Marley added 13 and Marsh Valley was able to slow down Soda Springs enough to pull out a close win in Arimo on Thursday. “Going into the game, Soda has been solid offensively,” Marsh Valley coach Jason Brower said. “So we wanted to hold them to a score we felt we could get to and give ourselves a chance to win.” The Eagles (4-1) were able to limit James Frankos and Seth
Storr to seven and eight points respectively. Kaden Smith had 15 points to lead the Cardinals (4-1), but Marsh Valley clamped down on his teammates well enough to win the game.

“I thought we did a good job,” Brower said. “They’re a quality team and they’ve beaten some good teams. We were happy with what we did.”

I thought it was kind of cool to get your name in the paper even when you lost the game - Seth & James are going to be targets for the other teams. The fun part about this season is that it seems to be team ball - even if they shut 1 or 2 down, there are others ready to score. I think Marsh Valley will have their hands full when they come to Soda.

Tim Floyd (USC coach) has good advise so listen up Cardinals, "Put the DVD your momma made under the bed and start getting ready for the next one!"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Soda @ Bear Lake

The Cardinal boys traveled to Bear Lake High to play Wednesday. Soda came out fairly strong & then really poured it on after halftime ~ got the lead up to 17 and then Bear Lake got hot from the 3 point line. It was a little stressful, but the boys pulled it out and got the win 69-65. Seth had an O.K. night ~ I shouldn't say that because he had 9 points. He had a 3 pointer in each half and then was 3 out of 4 from the free throw line in the 4th quarter. Seth also had some awesome assists by way of passes into Kaden. Check out the video on Mara Mae's blog. Seth also managed to play the whole 4th quarter with 4 fouls and didn't pick up that 5th one. Derek Spain had a fantastic night - 20 points & James Frankos played great with 16. Kaden had 13 ~ that is the funnest part about watching these boys, you never know who is going to have a great night & for every game there have been 3 or 4 boys in double figures. It is a team effort ~ that just might take them far this year. Tonight we head to Grace for Shelby's last game of the season & then to Marsh Valley to watch Seth's team. Go TMS Lady Eagles ~ Keep it up Cardinals!!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

KITT 100

We are heading to Bear Lake to watch Seth play ball again - if you are interested in listening to the game on the internet you can. Go to and click on the live sports button, then listen live, click on today's broadcast and you will find the game. Give it a try - it is fun!!!

Mara Mae is home!!!

Yes ~ my girl is home for the holidays!!

I love having all my kids under one roof. The plan is lots of basketball games, food, playin cards, trips to Grandmas, wrapping presents, movies, more food, playing in the snow, feeding cows, more food, etc............... I am going to enjoy this holiday season ~ with all the changes going on around our home, it may be the last with just Jim and our 4 kids. Life changes too quickly & I have every intention on enjoying this holiday season with my babies - even if they are all growing up!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tryin to see if this works - Seth made the highlight reel on the local news!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We took of this weekend for the upper-valley to catch a little basketball - imagine that, me at a basketball game. Soda played the same two teams we played last week at home - this time we are on their home courts, but Yippee - same results. We are 4-0!!!!! O.k., the picture taking - not so good ~ I need Mara to come home! I just can't get any good shots, but I'll share a little of what is on the camera card. First off, South Fremont has a fantastic band & their cheerleaders can fly. The basketball team? We did not really play a very good game & still won.

Seth is there ~ see the arm and the ball - 3 pointer of course

Defense is really improved this year

Foul Shot - he is perfect from the foul line this year 14-14 - knock on wood!

Final Score

Sugar Salem Game

check out #22's fan club!!!
Thanks for coming guys - I love how my family supports us.

This is probably a more accurate pix of the fan club - love Shelby's face!

End of the 1st quarter

Seth shooting more foul shots

Final score - it was a much closer game that is appears from the score. Sugar got within 2 several time in the 4th quarter. Looking back at my texts to Jim & Mara, Seth had 3 - 3pointers & 6 foul shots - Go Sethy!!

One more shot of Seth & Brandon in their uniforms. This is the last time they get to play each other on the high school floor. I hope both teams make it to state & we will be there cheering Brandon on also.