Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Mara & Carol!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday - My baby is 18 today! I can't believe it - totally not possible. I feel bad that she is at school taking final tests. She was supposed to have today off, but got really sick yesterday after having 4 immunization shots on Tuesday. So of course, the good student that she is, she is at the school taking care of things. I just can't believe that it was 18 years ago that Jim & I headed to the hospital in Jerome to have our little girl. I also have to send a happy birthday wish to my roommie Carol - hope you have a fantastic day! I just had to say Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite people in the world!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Basketball - the sequel!

Now remember how sad I was that Seth's basketball season was finished LOL! I was totally wrong. After the Grace game was finished (and by the way our wonderful J.V. team beat them by 19-all 5 starters in double figures) Seth came out of the locker room with a huge grin on his face. I of course thought it was because of their win, but he quickly informed me that he had practice at 3:00 on Monday. Yup - pulled up to varsity for district tournaments! He was so excited to get the uniform and I'm proud as can be. We were quite sure he wouldn't play much, but that's O.K. He did go in for about a minute and a half of the Aberdeen game - so now he has officially played in his first varsity game, and as a Sophomore! We followed the team to all of their district tournament games, but the were beat out on Tuesday night. Now we are officially done - that is until summer ball starts in May. Here are a few shots of the fun:

(Seth - next time don't stand between Kaden & Collin - you look too short!)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TMS pep assembly

TMS Cheerleaders Rock!!!

Megan's last game for cheerleading was the 18th. I got a few shots from the pep assembly - Shelby was included in the class contests - tug of war.

I don't remember having pep assemblies in Jr. High, but they have been fun - the cheerleaders worked hard to learn routines and to cheer on their teams all year. It has been nice this week to not have any 6:30 a.m practices. Too much fun!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

# 22 #

Here we go again with more basketball shots.  I'm just a proud mom - can you tell?  Wednesday was the last home game and tomorrow night is the last game of the season.  It has been a great success for Seth - he has had some fantastic experience playing on the J.V. team.  He has had tons of playing time and learned alot.  Can't wait until next year!


Mara's good friend Darby is spending the weekend with us while her folks are in Texas. We live so far from town that the kids don't have friends over very often. They are having fun with a duet book they found in the bench. In fact, they are still in the living room playing away. I'm so glad my kids have so far chosen good friends - makes life even better. Look how grown up they look - I keep trying to deny that Mara is old enough to be leaving us for college this fall. Two very beautiful young women!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow and Calves

It's that time of year again.  Wednesday we woke up to take Megan to early morning cheer practice to a blizzard.  We had a bunch of new snow over the weekend and I think it all blew into our driveway during the night.  Jim's truck is in this picture if you look closely.  Some of the fence posts are about to disappear - that is what Jim wished for and he may just get his way this year.

Last week one of the cows decided to calve early - yup Twins.  These are pix of the girls with the little girl twin.  She is on a bottle 4 times a day - she has already become a real pet and likes her neck scratched.  The boy is not quite as friendly and likes him mom more than his sister.

Rowdy is getting big - he loves going to the ranch.

Shelby feeding the baby - Megan's turn is today.

Jim and his dad will be extremely busy over the next few months.  The calves will start coming any day.  It is tons of work and they are both worn out by the time spring comes.  They are up in the middle of the night checking for calves, plus feeding, putting out straw, doctoring calves, not to mention Jim's full time job. It is fun for the rest of us on weekends playing with the babies.  I think Jim will be happy when spring gets here - well maybe not, then it will be time to fence.  There are times when living on the ranch is hard - especially for Jim - the kids whine sometimes too, but I'm glad we are here.  My kids are living a lifestyle that not many have anymore and they are becoming good people for it.  O.K. enough with my rambling - just remind me when I start to complain in a few weeks.  I really am glad we are living in Wayan.