Wednesday, September 19, 2012

porter bike

My buddy Porter came to visit & show off his new wheels:

Awesome, right - look at him concentrate.

It's hard to learn on gravel & sand.

He brought his Dad & his cute little baby sister too.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This weekend was the big bike race from Logan to Jackson Hole.  Personally I think these people have to be a little nutty to want to attempt this feat.  I mean really 206 miles in one day on a pedal bike - and if I were every crazy enough to attempt this, I would defiantly start in Jackson and go to Logan because it a climb in elevation of over 2000 ft.  I would take it downhill - ha ha.  My oldest brother has become a cyclist in the past few year.  He rode the race again this year - for the 3rd time I believe.  We headed over the hill to Star Valley to cheer him on - along with the other thousands of riders along the way.  Here are the girls looking for Uncle Phil:

We waited at the spot where the canyon narrows near the turn to Auburn.  We clapped and cheered for people as they came along & were all set to really cheer as Phil drove by, but he stopped & talked for just a minute and gave me a big hug.
And then he was off again:

Vicki was his support crew - Jeep & all ready to head up to Alpine & wait for him.  She is so good to support him in his efforts.  You can see Ethan in the pix above too - he and Matt drove motorbikes along the course.

What a crazy day - Phil was not feeling good the whole day, but he stuck with it and finished the course.  Even though I think it is a little crazy - I have to admire him for doing it!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st Day of School 2012 Edition

Annual 1st day of school Pix:

My cute little baby girls all ready for high school!

I can hardly believe this!!

Shelby is a freshman & Megan is a junior!!!