Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Near Perfect Saturday

Saturday was a great day in my book!  We headed over to Freedom to get a bountiful basket - it has been months since I have been able to get one because of all the kids activities.  Jim drove us over & then we decided to head over toward Alpine to see if we could find the mountain goats everyone keeps spotting.  This was not our first venture over to see the elusive fellows ~ This time we found them right away!!  They were way to obvious right there next to the road.  We have gone up the canyon looking by the rocks & probably drove by them a bunch of times.  I could sit and watch them for hours.  There were 3 babies & it was fun to watch them running on the steep hillside.  We had binoculars, but of course my camera was home on the table so I only have Ipad pix.

Then of course we drove around Star Valley a little & landed here:

And who can get to Afton without going to Rocky Mountain Seafood:

.....and Calamari: is Shrimp Bread: (is your mouth watering yet?)

This one is for Jordan - sorry, maybe that was mean, but at least we thought of you Bodily's:

Gun lover's sign behind the register.... ha ha ha

And of course a road trip in the car wouldn't be complete without a picture of Shelby sleeping:
I swear she will never be able to pass driver's ed because she can't stay awake in the car!  It was a fantastic day & would have been nearly perfect if Mara Mae & Seth would have been there too!!
Oh and don't forget the awesome ice towers in Afton - will spring ever come to our little corner of the world?

Then we played a few card games while enjoying our new veggie stash & some good bread & cheese!  Ahhhh, when will we get another Satuday like that?!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Grace Prom

Megan was asked to go to the Bear Lake Prom, but didn't get to go to the actual dance  because of some rule Bear Lake has about not letting outside students come.  But, oh well, Til checked with Grace & decided to go the prom down there since he will be out of town for Soda's prom.  They just went to the dance & had a great time.  So here come the pictures 

Til's mom made some pretty flower ~ sorry the lighting is bad.
Megi & Til

We needed a sister picture!

And somehow this has become a tradition (taking a picture with Shelby between them)

.....and off they go!!

I bet those cute little shiny sandals were a little chilly in the snowstorm, but a girl apparently has to wear them!  Megan looked really good in her fancy beaded dress & Til looked pretty sharp too.  They said it was a wonderful time & they danced the entire night