Friday, November 8, 2013

18 Days...20 Hours...& 40 Minutes

Think he can hitch a ride home any quicker?!!!!!!!

Matt & Janet

So there is this place in Utah called Paradise.....wonder why?
It was a beautiful day & the colors were amazing - check out that mountain....reminds me of Caribou!  The girls & I met Mara in Logan and headed out to check out Paradise....makes me giggle everytime I hear the name.  Megan was behind the camera & got some great shots.  Here we are waiting for the big event:

Yep - my brother Matt has bought himself a place in a little town called Paradise & decided to get hitched.  Here is Matt and his pretty bride Janet during their wedding ceremony:

There were lots of people that I'm quite fond of there that day.  Meet Connor - my nephews boy that I met for the first time....he is just a doll:

And my handsome Dad...I really like this shot:

My beautiful Mom.... and I kind of like the girl next to her a whole lot!

Miss Cortney was the pro at the bubble blowing:

And just imagine this....Alex behind the camera:

I sat next to my big brother Andy....he was also the dutch oven master that day:

and there is Ed:

Shelb & Megi:

don't forget Jodie & Blake...looking chipper as always:

Shelby & I - is she cute?

Megi behind the camera (stole some of the photos from facebook)

Matt & Janet cutting the cake:

Lindsey, Janet, Matt, Madie, Ethan, & Haley - October 19, 2013 - first "un-official" family photo right there:

It was a beautiful day to start their lives as a married couple.  I hope you have a long & happy life together!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Senior Pix Time!

On the way down to my brother's wedding in October ~ we stopped off at a favorite park of mine & took some cute pix of Megi.  They are all unedited & very amateur, but we had fun & I think they turned out pretty cute - of course she is a pretty easy subject to photograph!  I will just let you enjoy a sample - no commentary needed on these: