Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Shelby!!

With all the commotion of DYW, Proms, & Easter....we had a birthday at our house.  What a weekend that was!  My BABY girl turned 15 on April 1st.  That's right - those blue eyes are the prettiest April Fool's joke ever!!!  So here come the pictures.........

Big sisters light the pie!!

Poor kid asked for coconut cream pie & I didn't even have time to make it.  Marie Calendar does a fine job!!

Wonder what she wished for?

Cucumber Melon...can't surprise her.

Baby Momma - this kid's kind of humor!

This is why I love her!!
That last picture shows just what it is like to live with Shelby.  We never know what might come out of her mouth, but it will almost always make you smile if not laugh right out loud!  I love you baby girl - you continue to amaze me every day - Happy 15th Birthday!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter came the day after the DYW performance - so needless to say it was a short night.  Her is proof....Megan came out with her shorts on inside out:

Now this mom doesn't like to give up the silly little traditions from when my kids were little.  I stayed up half the night preparing for the Easter morning... I'm getting too old for this!!  Apparently they are getting too old too!  Just try getting them to pose for a Easter picture:

 After they finally found their baskets in the morning & we went to church. - they gathered the baskets.  What fun!! - can you see how they acted it up for their mom.....if I pretend they are not growing up, will it work?  Somehow I think some of these traditions are almost over.....insert tear here.

Oh well, they will just have to put up with it for little longer!
I still love them anyway!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DYW 2013

Megan signed up to for the Distinguished Young Women of Caribou County 2013.  How is that for a mouthful.  We were not too sure about this deal & have never been involved so we were a little skeptical.  Mara was convinced & pushed the hardest for Megan to be a contestant, even though lots of others tried to talk her out of it.  It has been 3 months of Friday practices & every night for 10 days or so.  The big day was this last Saturday March 30, 2013.  The day started an Amanda's (Megan's backstage Mom) house to get ready for the luncheon.

They had a luncheon to introduce the girls & the judges before the interview portion of the day.  Jim & I went along with Megan & Amanda.  It was fun lunch & we learned a little more about the program & watched a fun slideshow of practices & their retreat.  Then came the interviews.  I wish I would have taken a picture of Megan before her interview - she looked awfully cute, although pretty nervous.  When we left after interview, she was convinced that she "tanked" the interview.  Megan felt like she just rambled because of nerves & kept repeating herself.  The talked a bunch about school & budgeting - things we had discussed with Megan that morning.  I think it probably made her sound good, but she wasn't convinced.  Without doing well there, she didn't stand much chance of placing at the program that night.  I told her that was maybe a good thing - she could just have fun & not stress after that.  
So here we go with picture overload....I'm not kidding, this is a long post!
The theme of this year's program is:

"Twist & Shout"

That's right an awesome 50's theme!  Here is Megan with Chase Bartschi in the opening number:

And a little video of her introducing herself:

That's right she called herself a Grays Laker - & I thought Bishop Houseman was going to bust his buttons with pride.  It was pretty cute.  I'm not sure if anyone from Gray's Lake has ever participated before.

Next came the fitness routine for Megan's group:

Talent came next & Megan was adorable - we already knew she could sing, but she put on a show:

Self Expression was next & this one made all the parents nervous.  Megan was beautiful & could actually walk gracefully in her heels.  I wish I could say the same about all the girls, but we won't go there.  HaHaHa

This is the nerve racking part ~ the onstage question:
We were very proud of Megan - she was the best - of course! :)  No, seriously, I was impressed at how well she answered a question on the spot in front of 500+ people.  I'm thinking I would sound like a blubbering idiot!

Nest came the awards with all 18 girls on stage - that's right 18 girls were in the program.  I think it is one of the biggest groups they have ever had.

All the girls were awarded a plaque for participating & then they announced the winners in each category.  
Megan won the Be Your Best Self Award!
She also won the Interview Award - after all the stress about it earlier in the day!!!

Then came the big one that she wanted most - Talent.  
You guessed it - She was one of the winners!!!!

Megan was also awarded 3rd runner up - for even more scholarship money.  Of course we think she should have won 1st place, but then so did the parents of all the other 17 girls!  No, seriously we were all so proud of Megan - she was fantastic!!!!!! 

Megan & her AWESOME backstage Mom ~ Amanda Conley

And the Top 5! from left to right
Danielle Leatherman ~ 4th runner-up
Megan Stoor ~ 3rd runner-up
Kelsey Yamauchi - DYW of Caribou County 2014
Brookelle Mansfield ~ 1st runner-up
Jamie Nielson ~ 2nd runner-up
Megan had a great crowd cheering her on & here are some of her biggest fans:

Til, Jade, Shay, Aunt Jodie, Mara & Shelby to name a few.

Til came both nights to watch - not surprised there! :)

and a silly sister picture!

Grandma & Grandpa Petersen - Grandma Stoor came too, but left before pictures.

And a better sister picture - I should print this one for Elder Stoor!

and Megan with her 2 biggest fans!

Family shot - missing big brother - (tear)

And the Top 5 again - they are some pretty talented girls right there!
Overall Megan had a wonderful time & the scholarships are a little unbelievable.  She earned $2350.00 for college ~ how amazing is that!!!!  She placed 2nd in scholarship money ~ only Kelsey earned more.  This program may not be for everyone (don't think Shelby is the least bit interested :), but it was a great experience for Megan.  She has enjoyed teasing those few that tried to talk her out of it ~ asking "Was it worth it?"  I think she more than covered the expenses.  Megan also learned a bunch & made some great friends   She will get to be involved with the program next year, but without all the stress.  Congratulations to all the girls for a fun night & sticking to it - it was hard work getting ready! Good job Megi - you make us proud!!