Friday, January 29, 2010

Thespian in the Family?

Are you ready for this?  Megan tried out for the middle school musical - That's right she got the role she wanted as Gabriella Montez!  I have a feeling we will all know the songs by the time May comes.  She is so excited!!!!!!

All-Star basketball

Shelby has made the 6th grade all-star team.  These photos are of a game they played over at Marsh Valley High School.  They had 2 games that day - they lost the 1st one by one point in overtime - it was a heartbreaker.  Shelby played well and scored half the points of her team.  

Taking a shot

The second game had a little different outcome - o.k. not little - Huge difference!
It was completely sad - Our girls played really well and the other team didn't look like they had ever held a ball before.  It is much better when the game is close.  One of the girls on Shelby's team even made 2 points for the other team (not on purpose of course).  
Shelby's team also traveled to Twin Falls last weekend - we didn't get to go, but Shelby went with her friend Sierra Woods.  They had a great time and even extended the little trip an extra night because of a blizzard.  They lost the first game by 1 point, lost the second by 20 points, and won the last game 5 points in overtime.  They are learning a whole lot & that is what it's all about - Oh, I think they are having a little fun too.  It won't be too long until we are following around the high school girls team to watch Shelby.

Basketball - the non-contact sport!

They say basketball is a non-contact sport - Bull !!!
This is from the non-contact game at Grace last night.  It was a wild one - I'm not sure if I've ever been at a game with quite so many fouls.  We got in the car after the game and I said to Seth what a rough game I thought it was.  His exact words were - "That's the kind of game I like". Yes take a look at the picture - it is Seth after taking an offensive foul and it appears a kick to the head after.  If he thinks that is fun, I'm a little worried about his sanity.  It was a wild game, but Soda ended up winning 61-51 - it was an important win since we are getting close to districts.  Seth ended up with 4 points - a layup, and he was 2-2 at the foul line - all in the second half.  Only 3 more games before the district tournaments.  They are taking the weekend off - YEAH!  Next game is Friday night at home with Aberdeen.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Aggie!

Isn't she beautiful?  I'm missing my girl this morning.  She is busy learning lots of lessons - school & otherwise.  Check out her blog:
I love you Mara Mae!

Camera Shy

This is my puppy Pepper Ann - this is the only picture I can usually get of her - for some reason when I get the camera out she runs and hides behind me or under the porch.  So while Megan feed the steers last weekend, I stepped out to get her picture.  Pepper hid like normal, but I tricked her leaned over to get  a shot of those sad eyes.  She is really starting to look and act old - She turned 8 on Sept. 9 (she was from Maggie's first batch of pups born the weekend of 9-11.

Rowdy Red is her brother.

He runs to the camera to get his picture taken

He will try anything to get my attention.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend at home

Here we go again - I think most people don't realize that the 4-H projects are not just a summer thing.  The calves are home and the work is beginning.  Over Christmas break, we tied the calves up in Grandpa & Grandma Stoor's barn and broke them to lead - well sort of.  They have done pretty good & are getting friendly.  Jim & the kids brought them home about 2 weeks ago and they are feeling right at home.

This is Megan's little red guy.  He is not quite sure about the whole business.

Shelby's calf has the white marks on his face.  I think he is really quite sure that he doesn't want to be someone's pet - he will come around and probably be better to show than the others:

That's a cute face!

Megan is doing her best to make friends.

Shelby trying to get a good pix with her new Christmas present.

Megan waiting for the trough to fill - she was the only one of my kids home for the weekend, so she got all the chores.  Weigh-in for the calves is coming up in a month or so.  We have started them on a little bit of grain, and Seth's black calf is liking this program.  He just about runs you over already to get to the barn for his grain every morning.  It is always an adventure!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cardinal Basketball

I just can't seem to keep up with all the basketball games that we are involved with.  So here goes with an update on Seth's team.  West Side came to Soda last Saturday and it was a tough game.  Soda ended up on the losing side of things 46 to 59.  The games are starting to run together, but I think Seth had 7 points that night.  Soda needed to step up on defense and didn't get the job done.  West Side had way too many uncontested 3 point shots.  I thought Seth had a pretty good game - I really think they can get the win at West Side.
Wednesday night, I made the trip to Aberdeen with Mom, Shelby, and her good friend Bailey.  Megan had to stay home and cheer for the TMS boy's team.  It was another blowout ~ Soda won 70 - 43.  The mercy rule was applied in the 4th quarter, so the clock just ran out.  Seth had a fantastic 1st half ~ 11 points.  Yes, you hear me 11 points in the first half.  He had 2 three pointer, 2 layups, and 2 foul shots.  He looked like he was just having fun.  He didn't manage to add any points in the 2nd half - he did get a great layup, but they called an offensive foul.  I wasn't sure, but one of the other boy's dads was sitting in front of us and was not happy - he thought it was a bad call.  I asked Seth what he thought, and he also thought the kid moved.  Oh well, it wouldn't have made any difference on the outcome of the game.

I'm not sure what to make of this team.  We seem to either do really well or just fall apart.  Now remember when Malad came to Soda, it was one of those mercy rule games.  I think the boys thought they already had it won ~ and so of course they lost.  The score was 72 - 84.  Seth ended the half with his 3rd foul and so his playing time the second half was limited some.  He did end up with 9 points if I remember right (Mara just told me she thought he had 11).  He made 2 of 4 foul shots, got 2 layups and an NBA three point shot - he was way out there!  Seth had quite a cheering section at the game.  Jim & I took Megan, Grandma Stoor, & Emma with us.  Mara made the drive and brought her roommate Nicole.  Craig, Shay, Colton, Jade, & John all showed up after driving over Malad pass in a blizzard.  The weather made for an interesting ride home - It wasn't too bad since Jim drove and we took the truck.  It was a fun trip, although a little frustrating to watch that game.  There is only one game this week for the boys.  Thursday night at Grace - should be a good game!

3 point shot Seth took right before the half -
he got elbowed in the neck and went right down, but of course no foul!

Foul shot

of course it went in!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cardinals vs. Bears

I'm a game behind on the Cardinal basketball updates - so here goes.  Bear Lake came to Soda to play last Friday night.  If you look back, when we went to Bear Lake we beat them soundly by over 20 points.  I think the Bears had revenge on their minds and the Soda boys were still thinking about Christmas.  Yep, they lost - a game they should have won.  Seth had a great night - I thought.  He ended up with 9 points, but the best part was his defensive play.  I know I'm his mom and I'm partial, but I heard lots of comments in the crowd too.  "Stoor is the only one out there defending the 3" - "Way to go Stoor"!  It's fun to hear other people recognize his efforts.  The final score was 43 Soda to 51 Bear Lake.

Last night was the first League game of the season - first one that really counts.  And boy did they make it count!    Malad came to town and Soda rolled over them.  It was a fun game to watch if you are a Soda fan.  Seth had a pretty good night - 7 points total scored.  His first shot was a 3 pointer - then he was actually going in for shots in the paint.  I was glad to see it!  He got fouled almost every time - made it to the foul line 3 times - made the last 2 in the second half.  So are you ready for the final score ........... Soda 71 Malad 37!!!!
Mercy ruled the Dragon - oh yeah!!!  West Side comes to town on Saturday night - I'm sure it is going to be a real battle.  I think they will be the 2 contenders for the district title.  Come watch ~ It's great fun!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Ole Shep

I need to follow Mara's lead and post a pix of good ole Shep.  It was a rough week out at the ranch last week.  We lost Shep in an accident with the sleigh.  It's funny how we become so attached to animals even when we know going in that the odds are great that we will outlive them.  Here is a shot from  a few years back of Buster and Shep.  I think its safe to say that he has been one of Buster's top dogs - and he has had many over his lifetime.

Shep was as smart as they come and we all loved him.  His devotion was to Buster first, but he like everyone else too.  After he got hurt, Jim called the vet's office - they said they were pretty busy.  Jim said that if they told J.V. that it was Shep, he might make time.  The gal came back on the phone and said - boy were you right, J.V. said to bring him right in.  Shep has quite a posterity - two of which live at my house.  Last week was the end of an era at the Gravel Creek Ranch.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Celebration 2010

The kids & I left Jim home to a quiet house and headed to Rexburg to ring in the new year.  I'll just let you have a peek at our fun through the pix:

pots & pans

Wahoo 2010!

What a dork!

glow sticks

more glow sticks

holiday duds

let's scare Seth!

somehow, I think he knew?

New Years Day started out with a trip to the college to play in the snow - Mara was having fun playing with her new camera:

Mara Mae

Seth & Emma

Me - I was the only old lady there in the brown coveralls - Oh Well!

Shelby, Seth, me, & Emma

John, Shay, Megan, Gage & Katie

Katie & Gage

Blake & Jodie came with the cross country skiis

Seth hitting the big bump at the bottom

Mara & Megan a little snow covered

Emma on her way down

Shelby is about to get a face full of snow

Lots of R.A.K.'s today - I think the kids pushed 4 different cars out of the parking lot

all the kids minus Colton & John

almost home

It was a fun weekend, but man am I tired.  We stayed up late playing cards & games both nights, ate way too much, got haircuts, played the wii and laughed a whole lot.  It's always fun when the cousins get together!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary

December 29, 1959
My parents were married 50 years ago.  I know it has been an emotional month for my mom - I knew she had this day on her mind and I felt like we should somehow acknowledge it, but didn't quite know how.  I spoke with the boys and they both agreed to meet us for dinner in Pocatello.  I was a little worried about how to bring it up with Dad (Larry), but he was great.  At our little dinner he made the comment that it is an eternal union and should be recognized - that made me love him all the more.  We picked up a bouquet of flowers for  Mom and I stole the wedding picture from mom's house and made the boys & me a copy.

Jim, Jill, Dad, Laura, Craig, Mom, Blake, Jodie

We had a nice dinner at Sizzler and just enjoyed visiting without kids ~ that doesn't happen very often in our family.  It would have been even better if Todd & Radene lived close enough to come.  This is one of those bitter-sweet days that are important to remember, but hard to think about at the same time.  When we spoke about celebrating with mom - she said "You would think after all these years that it wouldn't hurt so much, but it does."  I'm lucky to have such a strong and faithful mother, and I look forward to meeting daddy someday.  I'm also very blessed to have a second father in my life - Somehow, I just have to believe that the Lord will sort things like this out and they will all be blessed in the end. 50 years seems like a long time, but maybe Jim & I will be lucky enough to make it there together!