Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shelby pointed out the moon as we were coming in from the barn tonight - the color was more amazing than the photo shows, but I thought it was pretty!

District Tournament Time - Part 2

I'm sure if you were within 100 miles of the Marsh Valley gym you heard the Cardinals scream for joy after the victory over Grace. For those of you not close enough, I'll fill you in on last weeks events. We played West Side on Tuesday night for the District Championship game. We didn't do too bad, but not what I thought was their best play. We lost by twelve - it was closer that a few times, but they just couldn't pull it out. That set us up for another game against our closest rival Grace. Not a good thing - we beat them the last 3 times we played, but the last 2 games were very close. Trying to beat a team 4 times in a row is almost impossible - so back to Marsh Valley on Thursday night to play for a spot at the state tournament.

Sorry Mara, but I'm stealing from your blog - we both took pictures of the scoreboard over and over. This collage tells the story of the game:
Yes, the last picture shows the 6th period - you got it now, DOUBLE OVERTIME! I told Seth all these gray hairs on my head are from the close games they have played lately. Here is a little video with the final buzzer:

It was just too close for comfort - take a look at Seth getting his metal:

The Team:
2nd at Districts - how'bout 1st at State!!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


The brackets are posted ~ here is the link:

Come cheer Seth on, or go to and they say they are going to have live webcasts of the games. The boys are pretty stoked to be going ~ only the top 8 teams in the state are in the tournament! It looks like we have a good spot on the brackets. Good luck Cardinals!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

District Tournament Time

Soda vs. Grace ~ Again!! I can't take many more of these. Soda's starters got off to another horrible start. We were down 9-0 before we finally scored. They played catch-up all night and it was a crazy game to watch. I wish they would just win by 20 and quite causing all this stress. With 11 seconds left in the game, it was tied 50-50 and Soda got a shot off with .2 seconds left and it went in.

Seth defending:

The team:

Seth's only points came from the foul line 3 of 4:

Final score 52-50 for the Cardinals. It was ugly, but it was a win. The refs were horrible - the boys should have all been fouled out. I felt bad for the Grace boys ~ they were winning the entire game until the last 3 minutes. Soda can't seem to start a game, and Grace can't finish well. We are playing at Marsh Valley Tuesday night at 7:00 against West Side for the district Championship!!!!!

Babies are coming!

February 1st the babies started coming.  For me it is a fun time of year ~ I love the babies.  For Jim it is just tiring.  He and his dad check for calves every couple of hours during the night.  We had cousins here on Monday for President's Day and went over to help feed the twins.  Here is Mara trying to make friends:

She decided to see if she had any milk:

John giving one of the little girls a drink:

Shay giving it a try:

Megan finished off the job with a little help from her sister:

What a cutie - Reddy Teddy is what Grandpa has dubbed this one:

Shelby wanting to take the tractor for a spin:

Jim, Megan, & I were home today to feed.  It was a busy morning - feeding, switched to calves and their mommas to the bigger pasture, shoveled the snow away from the calf sheds, filled them with straw, Jim pulled a new calf to the barn, and then unloaded the mineral.  We did get a little time this afternoon for a nap and a little blogging.  I need more Saturdays at home!

3 Points!

I finally figured out how to post a video - the new editor can't handle it, so I've reverted back to the old one. So here goes : This is one of Seth's 3 point shots at the home game with Grace ~ watch #22!

Isn't he awesome - !!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shelby team @ Soda

Shelby had 2 games at home this Saturday - First was Grace and we won 8 - 4.  Shelby scored 4 of those points.  The second game was with Star Valley and we won again - Wohoo!  The final score was ?  I'll have to look it up.  It was a fun day with cousins and Aunts & Uncles there to cheer Shelby on.
Jump Shelby!

Pretty sure it went in.

Shelby at the foul line.

This is Shelby with Shayla - Shayla's grandmother is Shelby's primary teacher and the new primary president in our ward.  She has been looking forward to playing Star Valley and getting to guard her.  Shayla came to church on Sunday in Wayan also.

Seth ran the clock for the 2nd game with a little help from the cousins ~ Colton & John.

Mike came & gave a few pointers after the game.

My 2 ballers!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Grace @ Soda

What a ballgame - Whew, it was close! I was worried in the 1st quarter - O.K. the whole game. It was an extremely close game and that gym was wild. I'm not sure if I've ever heard it that loud before. Seth had his own big cheering section:

Aunts & Uncles: Blake & Jodie, Craig & Laura, John & Michele
Cousins: Katie, Shay, Colton, John, Jenna, Jade, Shad, Hunter, & Sierra
Grandma & Grandpa Petersen, Grandma Stoor, Dad, Mom, Mara, Megan & Shelby!!!!!

At the free throw line.

Like I said it was a wild night - The Soda boys started off just terrible. You know it's bad when the coach empties the bench and sits all 5 starter 3 minutes into the game. It was kind of cool though - those boys stepped up and held there own while the rest of them got their heads in the game. Seth played way more than he has the last few games. I was so proud of him - I know I'm just a mom and I'm prejudiced, but I'm not the only one who thought he really turned the game around. He was just amazing - ended up being the top scorer for Soda. The paper says 12, but I'm sure it was 14. He got 3 - 3 pointers, one jump shot, and was 3-4 at the foul line.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last Saturday

Saturday I started off the day feeding cows with Jim's parents. No pictures, but it was a beautiful morning - a coat was almost too hot while we fed. It was cloudy in the morning, but cleared off about the time we were finishing up the feeding - I sat back on the sleigh and felt pretty grateful that I get to live in Wayan. I wish I had more mornings to spend at home.

After feeding, the girls and I headed to town. Seth was taking the A.C.T. at the high school, so I arranged a ride for Shelby to Marsh Valley. Megi & I picked up Seth and headed over to Shelby's game. Shelby's team played Malad at 1:00. I just can't get any good pictures in that old Marsh Valley gym.

Before the game even ended, I started hearing hints about how close we were to Logan (where MaraMae happens to be). We probably should have gone straight home, but I've been wanting to see her too. The kids kept calling her and asking her where she was and what she was doing. Seth cannot lie well and I'm pretty sure she figured it out, but I think she was happy to see us driving past as she came home with friends. We didn't have long to stay, but we meet her neighbors and took off to go ice skating. Mara has been with friends & roommates and the girls thought it looked fun. It was indeed fun, but too warm, so the ice was soft. Mara took some cute photos:

Last night was the big game with West Side.  It was quite a contest, but we just couldn't pull it out.  Final score 43-45 for the Pirates.  Looks like West Side keeps the #1 seed for districts, and if we beat Grace on Friday night, we will be #2.  One more to go before district tournament.  Let's take care of business on Friday boys!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winning Team - Losing Team

Mara has become somewhat of an Aggie basketball fan.  The Spectrum is a brutal place to play against the Aggies.  The following is a chant done at the end of a win in the Spectrum.  It's a call and response thing - imagine the fans (all dressed in navy blue) pointing to the appropriate places:

Call: "Is that the scoreboard?"

Response: "Yes, that is the scoreboard!"

Call: "Is that an 85?"

Response: "Yes, that is an 85!"

Call: "Is that a 68?"

Response: "Yes, that is a 68!"

Call: "Is that the winning team?"

Response: "Yes, that is the winning team!"

Call: "Is that the losing team?"

Response: "Yes, that is the losing team!"

... Picture the pointing now ...

"Winning team! Losing team! Winning team! Losing team! Winning team! Losing team!"

I know its horrible, but it makes me laugh.  Mara has a you tube clip posted on her blog - go take a look.  I'm thinking if the student body at SSHS tried that - Mr. Owen may just lose it - what do you think?

Monday, February 8, 2010


Another Friday night game at home.  I can't believe that the season is almost over.  Aberdeen came to Soda last Friday night.  Now remember the game in Aberdeen was a blowout - I hope we are not starting a pattern here.  We did manage to win this one, but I told Seth that I didn't think it was anything to brag about.  It was not a good game for the team overall.  Seth really didn't get much playing time, but couldn't do much while he was in.  He didn't score, and managed to foul once.  He did have a few good passes to the posts that I thought were worth mentioning.  Let's hope our boys are able to pull it together for next week.  We go to West Side on Wednesday and Grace comes to Soda on Friday.  I need Mara at home to get some good photos, but I tried:
Seth only 3 point attempt of the night.

Great bounce pass from Seth to Collin - too bad he missed the shot.

Final Score