Monday, January 23, 2012

New Years Eve Day we took a little runaway between flu sessions.  Jim said let's run to Jackson & we rarely say no to that.  We stopped up the canyon above Alpine to look for big horn sheep and try out Jim's new spotting scope, but didn't have any luck.  Jim said the guys at work told him to look up Hoback area, but we still didn't have any luck:

Here we are in our favorite little shop in Jackson Hole - Yipee I O.  It is the cutest little candy shop with almost every candy made - except War Heads - they were a little disappointed about that one.  They also sell lots of cool signs that you can see on the walls.


We were all excited to go to our favorite Chinese buffet, but the sign on the door said:  Closed due to the fire - that was a bummer!  We found a mexican place and ate lunch and then walked around the square.  The girls took a set of pictures for their missionary brother:

Cute, right?
We had a guy take a family shot - it is hard to tell, but they had just turned on the lights.  The square looked really pretty with all the trees & elk arches lighted up.

It is fun to just walk through some of the galleries & silly shops that the have around Jackson.  We rarely buy anything, but candy at Yipee I O, but Jim couldn't resist this door mat which now graces our front entrance:

It was a quick little trip, but lots of fun to get away as a family - before the flu bug struck again!

Christmas 2011

Christmas came and went in a hurry this year.  We didn't decorate, bake, shop, or really even acknowledge that it was the Christmas season until after November 30th in an attempt to not make Seth feel bad or homesick since this was his first holiday away from home.  That meant that as soon as we dropped him off at the M.T.C. I was scrambling to get Christmas going.  Shelby will tell you though that I had a really hard time getting into the Christmas spirit.  I probably did not put enough effort into things, but we had a good time together, except for the fact that Jim hardly had any time off of work.  We did get him home on Christmas morning and that was worth a bunch.  I wasn't really good at pictures either, but we snapped a few after church on Christmas morning:

Mom & Dad love Elder Stoor

Grandma & Grandpa Petersen love Elder Stoor

These three cuties love Elder Stoor too!
We usually try and get a family picture in front of the tree, we seem to be short a young man.

2011 Christmas family picture

I was really bad at the picture business this year - the next few are of the girls Christmas gifts scattered around.  It seems like the older they get - the more we spend - and the presents just get smaller & smaller:

Caribou Mountain was especially pretty with the morning light.

We had both sets of Grandparents over for Christmas dinner & the much awaited phone call from my boy.

JIm was at work most of the holiday, but we girls kept ourselves busy eating til we were sick - literally, all 5 of us got the flu at some point through the holidays, but we wont' give details about that LOL.  Megan got a new WII game called Just Dance 3 - I thought the girls would have fun & we did.  Lots of time playing and fools of ourselves - Well, just the rest of us, Megan in really good!

On Monday, we feed cows and then headed to Grandma & Grandpa Petersen's house for a party there, right after I tipped over the Christmas tree on our way out the door GGGRRRRR.  Lots of food, card, crud,cousins & more dancing.  What could be better?!

Jenna & Katie - you are so silly!

Rindlisbachers miss Elder Stoor

Petersens miss him too.
Overall it was a good holiday - we mostly just hung out at home.  Mara feed cows nearly every day & let her Dad catch up on a little sleep.  We did all get spoiled & enjoy our time together.  So I know I'm a month behind on posts, but I hope you all had a Merry Christmas at your homes too!