Saturday, August 23, 2008

Grandma Langston funeral

We lost Jim's Grandma Langston this week. She died on August 16 ~ she wanted to make 90 years in 5 months, but couldn't hang on. This was one of those good funerals ~ she had been wanting to go. Her health was failing, but her mind was healthy until just the last few weeks. She had her services all planned ~ we just were able to spend most of the week together and celebrate her life. Here are a few photos:

The first photo is of the casket and the VFW auxiliary flag, the second of her six grandsons as pallbearers, and the third is of the little girls in the family ~ yes Mara, you are still one of the little girls until you graduate. The last picture is all 7 of Roylene's (jim's mom) kids. It has been quite a few years since they have all been able to be together. She outlived most she knew and was the last grandparent for Jim & I. I guess we are getting old and will be the grandparents before we know it.

Caribou County Fair 2008

O.K. ~ Seattle was great, but we had to rush home for the fair. You can't be a Stoor and not be involved in the fair! We got home from Seattle Monday night and left for the fair on Tuesday for swine weigh-in. I'm still not sure how we pulled this all off, but we did. The kids pigs all made weight - whew! They did the show on Thursday and the sale on Friday. The kids all got blue ribbons for showmanship and we got blues and reds on the pigs. Seth says the judge was prejudice. We had the only black pigs and they were always the first ones out of the ring. Oh well, they did great in the sale. Megan also got to sing the national anthem for the Demolition Derby and the Little Buckaroo Rodeo. She did a great job ~ I don't know how she does it ~ I'd be shakin' in my boots.

Mara was the reserve champion showman in swine. The grand champion chose not to participate in the round robin, so she jumped in and had a great time. For those who don't know fair terminolgy ~ the round robin is where the grand champion showman from each species have a competition and show all the animals. She got to show sheep,horse, steer, swine, dairy, and goat.

She won ~ Round Robin Champion 2008!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Seattle Vacation

I got back from Girls camp on Saturday, went to church on Sunday, work on Monday, and then we took off for Seattle at 7:00 on Tuesday morning. Whew!~ I'm tired just thinking about it. We had such a great time ~ I'll try to fill you in day by day. Tuesday was all about the drive. We were not in a huge hurry, and it took all day.
Wednesday was when the fun started ~ Go Mariners. It was really a fun game. We were in the nosebleed section, but it didn't matter. We enjoyed all 12 innings, yes I said 12 innings. The Mariners ended up losing, but that didn't ruin our fun. Oh, I almost forgot, the girls were on the "jumbotron" 3 times. GO ICHIRO!!! Here are some photos:

After the game, we headed to Alkai Beach ~ we being our family and 4 of my brothers families. We just enjoyed laughing and catching up with each other ~ and of course taking a few pictures.

Thursday we ran our tails off trying to see all the Seattle sights. We started at the Space Needle ~ this is the first time we shelled out the money to ride to the top. It was quite a sight, but a few too many people up there for me.

We rode the monorail to the Seattle mall. We didn't shop, just had lunch there and then tried to head to Pike's Market. Jim & I were both sure we knew the direction, but we took the scenic route. Our feet were tired, but we did finally get there. I don't know why this place fascinates me so much but it does. We saw them throw the fish, smelled all the flowers (along with some other funky smells), and got Jim his favorite treat ~ a Carmel apple.

We then made a mad dash clear across town to take the underground tour. It was not all they said it would be. There were some funny stories about old-time Seattle and the characters who built the city, and some cool stories about how it was built. We did see a little too much of the shady side of the city ~ we will leave it at that.

Friday some of the boys headed to the Boeing Flight Museum. The girls and I opted to see Snoqualmie Falls and just relax a little. We hit the Costco to get food for the reunion. Then my brother Todd and his wife Radene hosted a fantastic BBQ at their home. We all just relaxed and enjoyed spending the rest of the night together. The day was great, but hard to know that Dad was having surgery that day and we were all trying to have fun. Luckily all went well and he was home before we were.

Saturday morning we headed for the ferry and Orcas Island. We won't talk about the ferry ride and how we watched my family load 2 different ferries and sail off. We won't talk about how we had to wait over 6 hours, because of the intelligent Washington state ferry worker who put us in the wrong line, and then wouldn't listen when we tried to question him. We won't talk about how I went and gave the ferry agent a piece of my mind. Do I sound bitter? The kids were good about it and we still enjoyed the ride once we finally got on the boat.

We just enjoyed visiting, swimming, Mt. Constitution, and the annual photo shoot on Sunday ~ of course we ate constantly too.

Sunday night we had to head for home. We said our goodbyes ~ I had to cry while I said bye to Jake (my nephew who headed to the MTC on Wed.) We pulled and all nighter and made the long drive home so that we could be ready for fair week ~ that's the next blog I need to catch up on. If you have read this whole thing, you must be really bored. But thanks! We had a great time and the kids are already saving coins for the next Seattle adventure. Thanks Todd & Radene ~ we loved it!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Girls Camp


I spent July 16-19 with the girls in my ward at camp. It was probably Mara's last year, and Megan's first year. I was my 6th year in a row with this ward! We had a great time without any major problems. Lots of work and food, and a little bit of sleep!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wordle ~ Hey Carol, this is fun! Life has been nuts, In the last 3 weeks I've been to girls camp, family reunion in Seattle, and a week at the fair, all while trying to fit in work at the office. You ought to see my house ~ on second thought stay away! I have lots of new pictures from all my adventures. After I get some clothes clean for work, I put up a new post. Summer is crazy, but I'm not ready for school to start in a few weeks either.