Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Cardettes have been very busy with tons of practices & many performances at basketball games, but nothing more important to them that getting ready for the district dance competition coming up on Saturday.  They performed their dance routine at the district championship game Monday night & they look pretty good to me.  Megan said that they have already made a few changes to try and improve, but I though you might like to watch:

Best of luck on Saturday Cardettes ~ we will be cheering you on from the bleachers!!!!

Added Note:  Districts were cancelled due to weather - rescheduled for Feb. 20th @ 5:00 p.m.  Come support the dance team if you can :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Superbowl 2013

If you come to my front door & it looks like this, there is only one explanation~
It's a PARTY!!!

We had a pretty good crowd as you can see - moved all the furniture into the family room and crowded on:

I said to say "Hi " to Elder Stoor & this is what I got :) from the Griffeths & Dave!

Somsens giving a thumbs up & peace sign for Elder Stoor

Aneta & Jim were a little less excited about getting their picture taken:

Some of the girls would rather watch Disney movies on my bed than watch the silly old football game:

I think we were all in a food coma - too much to eat, like always.  Aneta brought some yummy cheesy dips & fruit salsa with sweet tortilla chips - soooo good:

We hade way too much to eat ~ especially meatballs - I made a big crockpot & so did Aneta & so did Shawnae!!  Anyone for leftover meatballs?

See ~ what did I tell you?  Food coma hahaha!  It was a great time even though Bishop was cheering for the Ravens.  We had a great visit & had fun cheering the 49ers on ~ at least in the second half.  Jim mentioned putting in a movie at halftime, but they ended up almost making a great comeback!  Oh well, Super bowl really is more about the commercials & eating until you are sick anyway, right?  It is at our house.  I'm glad we have good friends that came over to hang out & enjoy - let's see, what excuse can we come up with for a reason to party next?  We really missed Brenda & Steve and of course Elder Stoor!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Idaho Classic 2013

I've been pouring though the hundreds of photos from the dance competition in January and am finally going to get a blog on for you to see.  The Cardettes competed in the Idaho Classic on January12th.  It is the same competition that Megan competed in last year, but we have swapped over to the dance side of things instead of cheer.  It is a whole different world!  The girls competed in 4 categories & I will show you the pictures from each ~ First is Hip Hop:

Next came their Kick routine:

Military is next ~ (This is my favorite!!)

Check out these beautiful cousins getting ready to dance!! I'd like to think they came to say hi to their moms, but I'm pretty sure they really came to talk to the boys that were sitting with us.

Dance was the last category::

 The girls gather together to hear results:

 ... and for pictures after:

The Cardettes did well:
Hip Hop.....2nd
The scoring was very close & we only lost by hundreths on some of the dances.  We really don't count Idaho Arts Charter school since they are a dance school.  So in my book we got 2 1sts & 2 2nds.  Districts are coming up & I can't wait to see where we place there.  This is hard work & these girls are awesome ~ no matter where a judge places them!!!