Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lazy Family Update

I have 2 nephews serving mission, and I just typed them a letter telling them what has been going on around our home. I though it was lazy to send them both the same letter ~ now even lazier because I will add it to the blog to give you all and update too. Here goes:

Sept. 13, 2008
Dear Elder(s) Rindlisbacher,

O.K. call me lazy, but I’m terrible at writing letters ~ so I’ll just write to both of you at the same time. Life at the Stoor home is just busy as ever. Mara has been overwhelmed this week with homecoming. She is the senior class president, so she has been busy decorating hallways & floats. She was also one of the emcees for the royalty assembly, and took yearbook pictures for the parade. She has now been asked to play piano for the Soda Pops. In the midst of all this, she is playing volleyball ~ she is varsity libero. She had 2 home games this week and they won both. In fact, they are undefeated so far this year. We are hoping for a trip to the state tournament in Idaho Falls this fall. The best part is that she is loving it ~ last year the girls all fought and it was miserable. This year things are much better and she is enjoying it. She was in the Soda paper this week ~ I’ll include a copy.
Seth is plenty busy himself. He is running cross country again. His times are nothing to brag about, but he did improve his time at the Cardinal Classic by over 2 minutes from last year. We can’t figure that one out because he place 20 places lower than last year. It’s all good though ~ he is having fun, and his whole reason for running is to be in shape and ready for basketball season. I’m thinking there might be a girl or two he thinks is interesting on the team too. He went to Bone to get a tractor with his dad Friday. They are going to work on fixing it up for a FFA project. Seth and Mara also competed again in the judging contest at the state fair in Blackfoot. They didn’t place really high, but Seth was pretty proud of his free stake dinner. His new FFA leader made a bet with the FFA kids on the bus that no one could repeat the FFA creed. What he didn’t know is that Seth competed in the district creed contest last year. With just a minute of studying, he stood and repeated it word for word. Thus the free dinner!
Megan is a cheerleader for the middle school ~ much to her sibling’s dismay. She is doing well and loving it. I didn’t think I would ever be a cheer mom, but I’m adjusting. I have to say I’m quite proud of her. She had a pep assembly this week and their first home football game next week. She loves it. She also sang the national anthem for the high school volleyball game on Wednesday night. She is in the middle school choir and loving that too. She is just tired from the new bus ride to town.
Shelby is adjusting well to school in town too. If any thing she is a little bored with the work ~ her new teacher is working on that. At our little school, she was able to move at her own pace and she is ahead in a most of her subjects. Mrs. Jorgensen said they were going to spend this trimester working on learning the state capitals. I don’t think she believe Shelby had already learned them until they took a pretest and Shelby asked if she wanted them to write the state nicknames on the test too. She is 3 weeks into school and has already earned her reading points for the trimester. She is enjoying having some other kids her own age in the classroom ~ girls that is. Seth is the only boy she has ever gone to school with. She has decided all boys are stupid. That’s O.K. ~ lets keep it that way until she’s 18!
Jim is working as hard as ever. He just doesn’t quit ~ not happy unless he’s working. He interviewed for a new job with Simplot at the pump station just north of town. He got the job and will start working every other month at Conda (just 5 miles north of Soda). The kids and I are excited! He will be able to come to more of the kid’s activities after work than he has been able to in the past. He has been working on equipment for my boss here at the elevator, and of course helping his parents on the ranch. He and Seth played disc golf on the new course here in Soda for mutual the other night. They said it was a blast and want to go as a family. He has been really busy with school board too. He is looking forward to hunting with Blake and Phil.
I have been swamped with harvest ~ working 60 hour weeks. I can’t wait for it too be over! The bishop fired me on Sunday ~ tear! I was released as Y.W. president. I have served in that calling for almost 6 years now, and enjoyed it. I was pretty sure this year at girl’s camp that a change was coming though. That was my 6th girl’s camp in a row without a camp director. I love that calling and it is hard to let it go, but I suppose it is time for a change. Bishop said they would give me a little rest ~ sounds good right? Friday night at the ballgame he called me aside and asked if I had had enough of a rest yet. I will start my new adventure on Sunday. I suppose I shouldn’t say yet ~ you never know if someone might object right? I’m sure you are sick of reading about the Stoor’s and I will try to write sooner next time, so you won’t be sleeping by the time your get a letter read.
Grandpa Petersen is improving everyday, but it has been slow going. He is having the lower back surgery on Friday the 26th. He is not looking forward to it, but also just wants to get it over with. The doctors are quite confident that they can get the repairs done and get him feeling better. It is not going to be without a lot of pain, but necessary. Keep him in your prayers. Grandma is just busy taking care of Grandpa. She has been fantastic ~ he is not the best patient in the world. I’m hoping harvest will be done soon so that I can help more. She did start bowling this week. That will be a good break for her to get out of the house.
You are in my prayers and on my mind every day. I want you both to know how proud I am that you chose to serve missions. I know it is where you should be at this time in your life ~ your example to Seth is just what he needs. He admires you both so much and I am grateful that you have been so good to him. Work hard and take care of yourselves; we will all keep you in our prayers. Love you both ~ Aunt Jill