Thursday, July 29, 2010

I just love my neighbors little kids.  The other night we were giving Soleil a ride home and drove through the open range.  Of course we say cows - "cows - moo, moo".  Next we came upon a band of sheep in the road near Henry.  She was all kids of excited.  Since we were going slow through the sheep, we let her out of her carseat for just a minute.  They opened the windows, and she was loving it saying "sheep - baa, baa" then of course we saw the sheep dogs, "doggy - woof, woof", and the sheep herder on his horse, "horsey - neigh, neigh".  We were just giggling at her being so excited about all the animals.  We get just to the end of the sheep and tell Soleil to get back in her seat & she looks up at me and says, "where's the pigs?"  Why not?  we had seen cows, sheep, dogs, horses - why wouldn't there be pigs?  I love 2 year old logic!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lookie what Jim has been busy with:


Lots of Progress...

Thumbs up from Shelby

He's had lots of help from all 3 girls while Seth & I have been at work.  He is doing a great job - can't wait for the finished project to share pictures.  He has went back to work for the weekend, so I'll post the finished front porch next week - Yeah for progress!!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The other day........................

You know that song?  "The other day.. I saw a bear....a great big bear....., remember?  The other day came tonight.  My heart is still racing when I think about it.  Shelby & I are the only ones home tonight; Jim & Mara Mae are both working, Seth and Megan are at BASADI.  We decided to go for a 4-wheeler ride because I wanted to check out my favorite huckleberry patch.  We drove from the house up to the campground and then up the Gravel Creek Trail.  We drove to the top of the hill and then I decided to go another mile or so.  We were really enjoying the weather & it is beautiful right now.  Lots & lots of wildflowers.  I was  telling Shelby how much I wished I had brought my camera.  We took a little side trail & saw several deer.  Just as we got back to the top of the hill, we both saw something brown bounce across the trail.  My first thought was a bear, but I've never seen one in the wild, except in Yellowstone.  We drove slowly up to where it crossed the trail and looked down the hill about 20 ft. - sure enough, the cutest little bear cub was sitting there.  I really wanted to stay and watch him, but we both knew we needed to leave.  We quickly took off & headed down the mountain with our hearts racing.  I really wish I could have stuck around to watch him play, but I was not taking a chance of running into his momma!  Wow what an experience - really awesome, but scary!!!

P.S. - lots of green huckleberries on the bushes!
No Dad - I did not take a gun, but I think I will next time we head up in the hills, yikes!

So Grateful!

Jim & I were sitting around visiting at the school board summer barbecue the other night and one of the wives made a comment that really made me think.  I was a little stunned.  The district secretary is retiring in a few weeks & one of the wives at the party was advising her to spend time with her grandkids - they are moving to Utah because all of their kids live there.  She said she already planned on it - the 12 year old had already informed her to stopped texting him - it was not cool to get texts from his Grandma.  They then proceeded to talk about how their tenage grandchildren didn't want anything to do with them. That is just plain sad.  I'm so, so grateful for this wonderful lady:

My kids absolutely adore her (me too).  My nephew just returned from his mission & has been down to Grandma & Grandpa's house almost every weekend.  We went to a Jazz game a couple of years ago with my brothers family & the kids made signs to try and get on T.V. - guess what they say?  Yup - you guessed it  the signs read "Grandma - wish you were here!".  She know how to take care of her grandkids and they all feel her love and want to spend time with her.  I hope I can be that kind of Grandma someday - no rush, but I have a fantastic example to learn from!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Highline Trail Ride

Dad made plans for the boys in the family to make a trip down the Highline Trail.  The Highline is the trail that goes from Soda Point clear past the Utah line.  Dad & I spent lots of time during the summer when I was in college cleaning the Highline & trails that spur off of it.  They were supposed to head out last Friday @ 8:00 a.m.  After a slow start they headed out at Bailey Creek at 10:00 & made it about 20 yards before the first break down.  Luckily there are a few mechanics in the family & dad's machine was up and running in no time.  Here are a few shots from the day:

View of Soda from the south

Jim, Dad, Cortney, Ed & Whitney

Dad leading the pack

Jim attempted to break the trail through some leftover snow - now that is something - stuck in the snow on the 3rd of July.  Watch the video of them pulling it out - thanks for taking the video Blake, LOL!

Mom & I picked Dad, Jim & Blake up at Emigration Canyon campground, just above Ovid & then went to eat at the Ranchhand.  The guys were beat , but are already planning the trip to cover the next half of the trail.  I wonder if they will let me come - it looked like lots of fun.

Independence Day Eve

July 3rd - the plan was to go to the foam party & then fireworks at Kelly Park later that night.  So much for plans right?  We started the morning by shoveling dirt - lots of dirt.  Mom has been needing to get the ground right in front of the house filled back in after 35 years of settling - we also tore out the old shrubs several weeks ago.  Jim was able to load the dirt with a backhoe, but we got to shovel it off by hand.  It was a good job done.

It got good and chilly that afternoon so we talked the girls into a 4-wheeler ride instead of the foam party - I think that had more fun anyway.
Megi, Shelby, Jade, Jenna

Dutch oven chicken & potatoes were next - Yummy!
The Cook

Look at this:
Its a beautiful view from my back yard !

Seth & Shelby headed to town for the FFA ice cream social, but didn't make it far before Seth tried to turn his truck around & went right off the road - high centered.  It takes talent to stay on the road all winter & then run off on the 4th of July weekend.

Thanks for the entertainment Seth!

The rest of us decided that the fireworks in town didn't sound that great anymore, so a fire in the backyard was a better option:

We had a great time just making smores & talking - the Stoors across the valley even provided some pretty great fireworks.  It was a pretty great way to celebrate!

Wayan Parade

Apparently it's an annual event - I've never manged to go - It's usually on the 4th of July, but with the 4th being on a Sunday the Annual Stoor Independence Day Parade was held on Saturday.  Jim, Blake, & I were in town shoveling dirt, but the girls got an invitation.  So here are a few photos they took & even a video!

What fun & they even threw candy!!

Summer ball

Snake River Summer ball camp this past weekend - didn't take the camera, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Shelby & I went up with Seth & his friend Braden  Smith on Friday.  They boys played well - it is really going to be a different team this year - not sure if that is good or bad.  We played Firth(last years state champions) - lost by 1.  Then played Preston -  big school, and lost by 6.  Then came Butte county - can't remember the score, but I think we won by 12.  Seth played good & a whole lot.  I can't believe that there will only be about 5 seniors next year. When we were following them around the country in 5th grade there were 12 of them dying to play.

Saturday morning Shelby, Megan & I went with Seth.  They played Roy, Utah - huge school - in the first game.  It was unbelievable!!  I have to brag.  The game tied at the half and was close until the last few minutes.  We ended up losing 41-51, but the fun part was watching Seth shoot.  I have never seen him play like that - everything went it!  He made 26 out of the 41 points.  7 three point shots!!!!  That was fun!
After that we played A.F. - it wasn't even a challenge.  Seth got 2 three pointers right away.  I didn't count points in this game - it was a better team effort.  The boys were watching the Preston-Roy game more than their own game.  We ran out of gas for the last game with Snake River, but it was fun to watch some ball again - next week they play in Smithfield, UT.  Makes be all excited for Seth's senior season - that sounds crazy!!

What a girl won't go through to get Flowers?

I'm working on catching up the blog - I'm sure I'll miss something.  Have I said before - I love flowers.  These pretty daisies came a week before my surgery.  I love my big brother Todd - he sent the flowers the Wednesday before my surgery to the hospital.  The lady from the flower shop was nice enough to go pick them up at the hospital and bring them to me at work.  It turned out great - I think I enjoyed them more than I would have all drugged up.

I love Daisies almost as much as Lilacs.

My folks, my other brothers & families sent this pretty one to the hospital!

My boss & and guys at work sent this one - Spoiled Huh?  Later in the week 2 of the owners came to my home with a big hanging basket of petunias.  I do love flowers, and appreciate eveyone sending them, but I'm not sure it was all worth it.  

That's where the I.V. was before it ripped out!

Mara took this picture of the wires responsible for my I.V. incident.

It was not a fun experience overall, but I'm at 6 weeks now & I think I'm starting to feel better than I have for quite some time.  I guess it was worth it after all - except the bill came last week - ouch - it hurts again!!!