Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Last game of the season

Shelby has been wanting the chance to play J.V. all season - she worked really hard, and finally got the chance for the last few weeks of the season.  I can't tell you how excited she was to put on this uniform, even though it was 3 sizes too big.  I think she even mentioned wanting to sleep in it ~ She posed for this shot for her brother:

Here she is on the bench ~ hoping for a chance to play on senior night even though she sprained her ankle the night before in Malad:

She did finally get to play the last 4 minutes of the game & did pretty good considering how much it hurt to run.  Like I said she only played 4 minutes, but managed to get 3 shots in for 6 points:

When we got home, Jim helped her cut off the wrapping job the coaches did:

And this is how it looked - can you say OUCH!!!

They won the game by the way Soda 41 Aberdeen 22.
It has been a good season, and although tired, I think will are all a little sad that it is over.  I won't miss 5:30 a.m. practices though - hopefully we had our last one!!!  It has been a blast watching these girls learn and improve their game - Can't wait to see what next year brings!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sledding Party

We all had the day off for Civil Rights Day last Monday (Jan. 21).  We had an awesome afternoon over on the road up to Williamsburg.  Bryce went the day before and cleared up the road - then he had to work Saturday ~ bummer ~ but thanks to him, we had a great time playing in the snow!  I will mostly let the pictures tell the story.

Loaded up & ready to head up the hill:
Zipaya was the first down the hill:

Til came charging down the hill next:

The Smith boys brought their snowboards out:

O.K. Mara did a blog & made fun of my tassels flying in the air, but check her's out:

Even Sissy got in on the fun & check out the race going on behind her:

Shelby ~ how did you let her get past you?

Jim was only good for one run, but it was a fast one:

Bishop is a good sport:

See the tassels fly - just because I was going so fast ha ha:

Shelby must be having fun:

Then out came the popcorn, hot dogs, smores & hot chocolate:

I think Megan lost the battle of the barpit:

Mara and her buddy Zip:

.....and Soleil

Mara took a picture of this cutie!!

And a picture of the whole gang:

What awesome company, beautiful scenery, a perfect blue sky, warm weather - can we go again PLEASE!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shelby got to play J.V. against West Side Friday night.  It is really fun to see her play with some confidence & enjoy the game.  Here she is going for a rebound:

Taking a shot, but getting fouled:

And the foul shot:

And another:

We seem to only be able to get good video of the foul shots - she did make another good shot for a total of 4 points.  She played for a few minutes in the 2nd quarter & then the 5 freshman pretty much all of the 4th quarter and increased the lead a little more. 

Here is a pretty good rebound:

Waiting for her turn to get in there:

Final Score Soda 41 West Side 19

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Last week was a busy one with games.  Malad came to Soda on Wednesday and the C-team won 31 to 22.  I didn't get very many good pictures, but here is a video with a good rebound for Shelby & Ariana putting up the shot.  Scoring is not always your most important role in a game, but that is what we seem to want.  Shelby had 4 points for the night, but good defense & lots of rebounds.

Then the big news of the night was Shelby getting pulled up to J.V.  She has been working hard & hoping the chance would come & she finally got her chance.  Take a look at this picture - pretty sure she is the happiest girl on the bench. 

If that wasn't exciting enough - she actually got to play!!  I think she was pretty nervous & commented after how much faster paced the game was, but fun to play.  She did end up making a good shot & getting fouled in the process.  Watch close - there are kids walking in front of us, but I couldn't help posting since it was her first score of a J.V. game:

and the foul shot that followed:

Yeah, I know she missed, but it was her first time at the line playing J.V. - nerves you know...
Watch her on this one - couldn't resist ~ "Way to use you head Shelb!"

Mara & I headed to Aberdeen on Friday night to watch that game.  C-team had a rough game and lost by 3 I think.  I don't know what was wrong with me - can't find any pictures or video of that game.  Shelby got a little time in the J.V. game also.  She got fouled on this one:

and these 2 clips are at the foul line:

J.V. won that game 50 to 39.
It was a full week again, but hard to believe we only have 2 weeks left of the season.  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shelby's last few games have been very productive for her.  Here are a few video clips just to show you what I'm talking about ~ watch #11:

She had a pretty good night at the foul line:

This is my favorite of the night - end of the game - even though we didn't have a chance to win.  Bishop Mike was pretty proud of her for the post move.  Good thing her cousin Sierra (#21) got that rebound too.

We lost the game pretty bad Preston 51 vs. Soda 22, but they are a huge school if that makes it any better.  Shelby had 11 of the 22 points ~ told you it was a good night for her.

Shelby did awesome on her next game too.  They played Ririe at home - Now, I lost track of her points & the girls are not supposed to look at the books, but Kirby didn't mind showing Mara the book HaHaHa.  Can you believe she had 18 points.  Check out this game!

Shelby did this all night & they kept fouling her:

She kept putting them in:

and again:

Shelby missed this shot, but good thing her cousin Sierra (#21) was there:

Rebound and fouled again:

and one more just for fun:

The Cardettes are working hard getting ready for their competition season coming up.  This is a new experience for Megan - more costumes, more routines, a little more intense than getting ready for a cheer competition.  They are looking better all the time - here are a couple of their last perfomances:

The Idaho Classic is the first of their competitions - coming up this Saturday at 8:00 am sharp at the Pocatello High School.  We have the first performance ~ Good Luck Cardettes!!!!