Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mooses again :)

Just going to copy & past Mara's blog - check out this cute little guy!!  My nephew Cameron went to Yellowstone and was disappointed to not see a moose - just come to Wayan!

Driving Home

I was driving home with Mom today,
and look what we saw just the other side of Beaver Tail:
Isn't her calf ADORABLE?
I smile every time I see this picture.
Twice now I have seen a moose-calf up to work, as well.
How awesome is it that I can see
these kinds of views every single day?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

He Did IT - Graduation 2011

Seth finally finished - I think he was ready to be done months ago!  Graduation was June 3rd.  I wanted a cap and gown picture outside and Grandma's house - see what I got?:

Posing with his beloved "Diamond Lil"

Oh My!

Thumbs up - I did it Mom!!
I did get him off the truck long enough for a picture with his sisters - my kids are awesome.  I did good that night, but now I'm gonna cry:

Megan, Mara, Seth, Shelby

Marching in - Check out my boy in his honor cords!

How many dads get to award their son's diploma?  Awesome!

with the parents

with the grandparents

The family

Awesome group of family

SSHS Class of 2011

The Never-ending Spring

We got a good summer day yesterday - I sincerely hope that summer was not a one day event!  It is nice and chilly again this morning.  This are getting green and beautiful & my lilac bushes have finally budded out!  Yeah, I know, we are behind everyone else - just like every year.  I did look through my camera and see a few of the good shots I got from spring - It was beautiful, just lasted longer than anticipated!

Caribou Mountain on a quiet morning - see how full the Gray's Lake is?

A group of young elk along the road

I'm pretty sure their mommas just kicked them off - they were a little confused

Goose Lake - now I know why they call it that! ( normally just a nice  valley - this year a lake )

I love moose - nothing so awkward as a moose!

waiting for me to leave so he could get a drink!

Chubb Springs

I need to get the camera back out - in a matter of weeks, we have turned the most beautiful shades of green.  The mountains are still white & the valley is green - I love Grays Lake in the summer!

Spring Concert 2011

Megi & Shelby were both involved in the Spring Concert back in May.  Megan ran from cheer tryouts long enough to do this percussion number that her music appreciation class has been working on.  It was pretty cool just using drumsticks on chairs:

Megan & her friend McKaylee

don't smile girls :)
And a little video action:

Shelby has joined the band this year - she has done really well learning the clarinet.  I was really excited to hear this kids play.  I think we have great hopes of getting the band back at SSHS!

getting ready - doesn't she look pretty?

Some more video - first time this group has performed on stage:

Nice job girls - I love that my girls are musical!!  Just ask my niece Katie - "Band Geeks Rock!!"

Friday, June 3, 2011

Graduation Tonight!

Commencement is Tonight at 8:00 - Here are Seth's 2 versions sent out to family - keep in mind he wants to be a veterinarian someday:

"the shitty one"

"the real one"

Family photos

Wow - time flies too fast!  Check out these photos that I stole off facebook.  The first is the day my Mom married Larry.  Check out the bewildered look on the kids faces.  That was the beginning of a new family!


MY FAMILY - Love them all!