Monday, November 29, 2010


Advertisement warning!

My sis-in-law up in Seattle did a blog about how her dishes were not coming clean in the dishwasher anymore. I can totally relate - phosphate taken out of dishwasher soap. Not good news for those of us whole live where they make the elemental phosphorus. My friend on facebook had a similar post and someone told her to get Lemi-shine. I thought - ya right - it won't help, but I was wrong. We went to Walmart - picked some up - ran it through the empty dishwasher - and then loaded it to try again. It made a big difference, and now that I have been using it for a week it is amazing. Even my silverware and stainless steel pans look shiny. I highly recommend it!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Til the Cows come Home

The day after the blizzard, we brought the cows home. The plan was to bring them home the Monday after Thanksgiving, but the storm changed everything. Check out how they rounded them up~ snowmachines:

Grandpa rode of course ~ with his faithful Sissy by his side.

It was dang cold ~ 0 with the wind blowing:

On the highway, I was in front flagging:
My view:

Waiting at the ranch - check out the sun going down as the storm started again:

Almost home:

It was so dang cold, I can't even describe it. I'm sure a couple of the guys had frostbite. They are a tough bunch to be out in that bitter cold all day; I was freezing just getting in and out now and then. Seth was able to make it home & was a huge help to his Grandpa. I'm sure Jim was going crazy because he couldn't get home & had to work during the day. The cows were glad to get home and get a bite of hay. We actually had to get the team and sleigh out. I asked how many times they had to feed with the sleigh before Thanksgiving~the answer was never. I sure hope this isn't an indicator for the rest of the winter!

pies &snow

What do you do when they close the road because of a blizzard - bake of course! Tuesday morning the highway was closed, so I got to stay home with my kiddos~except, Jim was stuck in Wyoming (first time in the ten years living in Wayan that he couldn't make it home), Seth had gone to play at a jamboree and was stuck in town, and poor Mara was stuck in Logan while all her roommates got to go home. It would have been wonderful if all six of us were stuck together. Anyway, I should have finished painting the kitchen or cleaned house, but baking pies sounded like more fun. Here is my advertisement for DeMarle:~the Roulpat is great:

~the roulpat is great~

2 pumpkin~2 apple~2 ruhbarb

It was an absolute blizzard all day and into the night so I got to do my best to dig us out the next morning~yes to my city friends, that is me on the tractor. Megan took a couple of pictures while I was blowing snow:

I can't believe that I am putting this one on the blog - I look like a geek with the face mask, but it was dang cold!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Road Closed

ID 34: Road closed.
between Panting Lane and State Line Road (3 to 54 miles east of Soda Springs). The road is closed. Look out for drifting snow on the roadway. Visibility is reduced.

Comment: Closed north of Soda Springs to the Wyoming state line
Last updated today at 7:25AM MST

Wahoo!!! - that means I get to stay home - only problem is that Jim is already at work, Seth is in town and my parents, & Mara was supposed to drive home today for the holiday. It is supposed to be bad all day - blizzard warning until 11:00 pm. Let's see the girls and I can clean house, paint, or we could just sit by the fire and watch movies???

Friday, November 19, 2010

Come What May and Love It

I love this man - just what I needed to hear!

Come what may and love it.

The way we react to adversity can be a major factor in how successful and happy we can be.

1 - Learn to Laugh
2 - Seek for the Eternal
3 - Principle of Compensation
4 - Trust the Lord

Put your trust in the Lord
Do your Best
and Leave the rest to Him!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Old Faithful

I got looking at my posts and saw that I never published this one - it's a little old, but I just love the picture of Jim & my kids - Enjoy!

Once again the summer is over and we felt like we didn't get much time together as a family. Jim suggested a runaway on the Sunday of Labor Day and Yellowstone was the destination again this year. It is a long day, but we live close enough to swing it - sort of. We headed out in the morning and started with breakfast in Alpine - Yum. We got to the park and headed straight to my favorite place - Old Faithful. We came into the valley just as the geyer was finishing up so we waited the all the other thousands of people to watch the geyser. My favorite part is watching the oohs & aahs and the cameras go up when it just starts to spit a little.

Now this is the best view of Old Faithful I got - I love these people!
After we watched Old Faithful, we wandered around the new visitors center and then took a chilly walk around some of the geyser basin. It is fun just to wander and watch the crazy people.

It was a great day - I love having a runaway with this bunch!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm not me?

According to Facebook - I'm not Jill Stoor & because I'm using a fake identity they have disabled my account. Wow - If I'm not Jill Stoor, I wonder who I am? There are times that I wish I wasn't me, but I just can't quite figure out how to be someone else. I guess I will have to live without the world of facebook until I figure out who I really am or until some little cyber-space guy believes that I'm still me. So if you try to contact me via facebook - I'm not ignoring you or deleting you - I just simply don't exist. I'm not even my kids mom anymore according to facebook. Wow that is a confidence builder - I've been erased - LOL!!
November 19, 2010
By the way - Facebook sent me an e-mail saying that my account would never be activated again because I used a false identity - so I tried logging on and lo and behold it works! I do have to day that maybe it was a good thing, except I like to check up on my offsprings activities. I guess I'm me again even if facebook doesn't think so - go figure! Shhhhh - don't tell them it is working!

SSHS Cheerleaders

Along with cross-country & jr. high volleyball, we have been a little busy following Megan to games. It still seems crazy to me that she is a high school cheerleader. The last few games they just cheered for the J.V., but we stuck around to watch the varsity boys anyway. It is a good thing I already like watching high school games. Here are some pictures of football & volleyball games.

push-ups (for every point they score)

This is the homecoming game - J.V. & Varsity cheered together:

Dad is sharing his hot chocolate - it was cold!

cute pix of the team

Volleyball games:

What's up - what's up

And a little more football:

It is fun to watch the girls - even with all the drama that seems to follow cheerleading. We get to look forward to basketball games now - first two girls games were last weekend - they were pretty intense. I think Megan is going to have a blast cheering in the packed gyms - come visit - you can see Seth play & Megan cheer all for one price!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Cross-country district (& state) were at Kelley Park this year. Seth gave it his all - had a tough race - not too many details, but couldn't keep his lunch down - yuck. He kept going & finished his last cross-country race on the home course. T.I.O.H. - this is our house!

Mr. Owen is awesome - our principal makes the coolest signs for the seniors!

Here he comes at the beginning of the race

Coming out of the hills - almost done

Great job on the pix - Megi

Coming toward the...

Finish Line!!

This kid amazes me - I wouldn't have stuck with it. He is so much bigger than all those other little squirts that run. He never did stand much of a chance at placing, but he was determined to stick with it - I watched him get sick several times & he just kept going. I'm proud of my boy & hope he gets his payoff come basketball season. By the way - tryouts for the basketball team were this weekend - they only kept 3 seniors on the team - can't wait to watch you play bud!!