Friday, June 15, 2012

Missionary Training Center

I plead temporary insanity!!!!
I need to get back in the blogging mode, but my heart hasn't been in it since this day:

I can't even look at the pictures without tears in my eyes.  He is doing so good now & his mom needs to get back to life & the world of a blogger.  Hold on tight - I have started a ton of blogs & am going to do my best to finish them off  - slow day at work!  I will post them on the day that I downloaded the pix, so it might be a little wacky.  I love my boy - life is just not the same without him around! Life just keeps on going though.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lady Cardinal

I think Shelby was was more excited to bring home the "Lady Cardinal" jersey than the big student of the year award.  She played in a tournament at Preston with the high school j.v. team the Friday and Saturday after graduation.  I took her camera, but it went dead - only got 2 pictures, but here they are.


listening to Coach Schwan
This is kinda crazy, but she is growing up whether we are ready or not.  The high school camp was the next Monday & Tuesday.  Mert Sears(my sister-in-law's sister) came to put on the camp.  The girls were sore & tired, but Shelby learned a bunch.  Shelby then went with Mert to Rockland for a 3 day camp there with her cousin Cortney.  I think basketball is a year-round sport!  She loves it an want to excel, so this is what we do - Sugar tounament the last weekend of the month.

Friday, June 1, 2012

TMS Graduation & Student of the Year

Shelby is officially graduated from Tigert Middle School.  Graduation was May 31st

One of the perks of dad on the school board - he gets to give you  your diploma.

"The Purple Crew" - Shelby has some great friends!

Shelby Stoor & Wyatt Smith, 8th Grade Students of the Year

The graduate & her parents

My 3 girls - they are beautiful!
It was a great day - lots of fun.  We went to the awards ceremony in the morning before graduation.  We were told that they would give the student of the year awards out at then, but it wasn't the time.  Shelby did get awards for volleyball, basketball, nerd bowl, & highest Language ISAT.  We then went back latter for the graduation where she was the first award - 8th Grade Student of the Year!!  Woot Woot - smarty pants.  She had a perfect 4.0 GPA for the year.  She didn't know about the award - they called Jim & I the night before & let us know, so it was fun to see her reaction - a little excited & a little embarrassed.  We are so proud of all our kids - we have tried to teach them that school is their top priority and it is nice to see Shelby rewarded for her efforts!  Now on to SSHS - freshman - here comes the class of 2016!!