Saturday, June 27, 2009

Color Changes

The girls have been wanting to paint for quite some time, we finally got a start - how about lime green and orange sherbet? We have more work to do, we'll keep you posted!

My Flowers

I went out in the yard this morning and took a few shots of my flowers. I think the violas have taken over - they love the cool weather and all the rain. I actually have lilacs this year - they are my all time favorite! I've also got pictures below of columbine (white & purple), violas, bridal wreath, & Jim's favorite (o.k. it's not a flower, but we are thrilled that the rhubarb came back). The best part is that I haven't even watered the yard yet. The rain has made it feel a little like we live in the northwest instead of the Rocky Mountains, but it does do great things for my yard.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TMS Cheerleaders 09-10

Megan made the cheer squad again! This should be a fun year - her cheer coach sent these photos from camp. They are learning lots and looks like they are having fun.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SSHS Graduation 2009

Here she comes

Dad pushed his way in and was honored to present Mara Mae with her diploma.  That is kind of a unique experience to be able to award your own child - only board members are allowed the opportunity.  Woo Hoo - she has it!

Mara and Darby

Ms. Soda High(Mara)  & Mr. Soda High(Tanner)         Mara & A.J.

Mara, Ty, Dalton, & Jake - this is the biggest group from Wayan to graduate for years,  and maybe for years to come.  Seth couldn't be left out - a photo op of the "Wayan boys".

This is probably the best pix of the night - Mara and the 3 "Torgies"

Mara was lucky enough to have all her grandparents & siblings there too.

Party, Party - Crud, bowling, and a movie!

SSHS Class of 2009 - you are a great bunch - good luck to all of you!