Saturday, March 13, 2010

Steer Weigh-In 2010

4-H officially started today.  The kids have had their steers since Christmas, but today was the official weigh-in. Here are the results:
Seth's (#627-707) 828 lbs.
Megan's (#634-706) 721 lbs.
Shelby's (#711-708) 734 lbs.
We will be feeding them lots to get them hopefully up to 1200-1400 lbs. by fair.  The fun begins!

Friday, March 12, 2010

State Tournament 2010

I think life may be getting back to normal - whatever that means without basketball games to follow. I look forward to the season getting over so that life can slow down a little ~ and before I even finish the sentence, I'm sad that it is over. Don't get me started or I'll cry thinking about Seth being a senior next year. But for now, my report on the state tournament is long overdue.

Game 1: Soda vs. Kamiah:
Thursday night Soda played Kamiah at 8:00 - Kamiah got off to a great start and I thought we were in real trouble. We struggled during the first half - only scored 17 points. Soda came out of the locker room with a vengence and it was so fun to watch. We played great defense and didn't let them score until there were less than 2 minutes in the quarter. Got to quote the Idaho State Journal : " Just seconds left in the third quarter, Soda Springs post Kaden Smith missed the second of two free throws, but it was Cardinals' guard Braden Bailey who came down with the rebound. The ball then found its way into the hands of guard Seth Stoor, who hit a game-tying 3-pointer at the buzzer against Kamiah, completing Soda Springs comeback from a 12-point halftime deficit and kicking the door wide open on the Cardinals 2A stat tournament chances." I get a real kick out of seeing Seth recognized in the paper!!
Kamiah played better defense in the fourth quarter and we were down 4 points with less than 45 seconds. We had to start fouling, and they were an amazing foul shooting team. As far as I'm concerned we lost the game because they hit foul shots and we didn't. The boys were pretty down and had to get ready to come back to play at 6:00 on Friday.

Game 2: Soda vs. West J

In order to stay alive in the tournament, we had to beat West Jefferson. Soda played a fantastic game and left no doubt who was the better team in this game. The first half was pretty evenly matched, but Soda ran away with the game in the second half. Seth had by far his best game of the tournament. He made 2 of 2 foul shots and 3 3-pointers for a total of 11 points. He also played great defense. If these boys could learn to play at that level and be consistent, I don't think anyone could beat this team. I was just really thrilled that they were able to come back and have a strong game at the state tournament. 80 points was amazing ~ 2nd highest score at the entire tournament, and 2nd highest margin at the tournament. This win set us up to play in the consolidation championship on Saturday morning at 9:00.

Game 3 Soda vs. Melba

I'm not sure what to say about this game other than our boys just fell flat. They couldn't hit their shots and Melba did. We won't talk about the refs ~ O.K. maybe I will ~ let's just say the short dark headed one must have grown up in Melba. He was unbelievable. Soda didn't play a good game and I'm not sure they would have won anyway, but it is even harder to play against a one-sided referee. Seth really struggled and only made 2 points from the foul line. The bottom left picture is Seth coming to the bench after fouling out. It was hard to leave the tournament with a loss, but it was good experience for all these boys. Check out Mara's blog - she has some great shots of the action. These boys need to work hard and get back next year!! I just hope they understand how big it was that THEY MADE IT TO STATE!! They are one of the top 8 teams in the entire state - #1 in my book! Especially #22 - he is an awesome guy!

Check out the truck ~ We love #22 ~ Seth, I hope you know how lucky you are to have 3 sisters cheering for you!  I can't wait to be there next year cheering for my CARDINAL!!!

Best play from the State Tourney!

One post about the state tournament could not be enough. The following video was in my opinion better that seeing any of the teams win a state championship. This is the last few seconds of the Glenns Ferry vs. Melba game on Friday afternoon at Capital High School. Watch # 23 from G.F. (in the white) ~ he is a boy with down's syndrome & the coach put him in for the last few seconds of the game. This is actually the second video - he tried a shot and it didn't go in, Melba rebounded and the refs immediately called them for traveling - which of course they didn't do. They then inbounded the ball and this is what followed:

He got the shot after the buzzer, but it didn't matter to him - watch him celebrate! We were in the gym for the next game along with the West J fans. I should have kept the video going - fans from all 4 teams stood up and cheered for the boy. It was one of those awesome moments that help to keep it all in perspective!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Elder Rindlisbacher

I've seen my brothers letters to his missionary son - I knew he was hoping for this day.  Jodie forwarded the letter and this is what Blake posted on Facebook tonight ~ pretty cool!  

Twenty Five years ago this month I arrived in Chile to serve a mission in the Chile Osorno Mission. My very first missionary companion was Carlos Villanueva. Carlos now lives in Asuncion Paraguay where Jake is serving a mission. I was excited to hear that Jake and Carlos met this week. Jake sent this photo home:

 Tis really a small world afterall.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mara's birthday!

Mara Mae went and had a birthday - first one away from home.  See, now I will be crying, we got to see here the night before at Seth's game, but decided to postpone our birthday celebration until we go to Boise this weekend.  We will party there!  I copied this collage from her blog - so glad her roommates made it a good day for her.  As you can see, they know how to have fun.  Happy Be-lated Birthday to my oldest girl - whew, were did the last 19 years go?

On Their Way to STATE!

Seth gave me a little wave as he loaded the bus for state ~ at least I didn't cry like DaNeil did ~ I was close ~ we love our boys!!! :

TMS gave the boys a nice send off:

They then headed over to Thirkill to wave to the elementary school ~ I headed to the park.  Doug Mathis has been announcing all week to come to the city park at 9:30 a.m. and cheer the boys on to state.  Here are some of their biggest fans (Moms, coaches wifes, & kids).

Even had some Dads & Grandpas there too:

Bergholm & Gronning girls!

Did you see it coming - they pulled up next to Maverik and turned left - on their way.  SOMEONE DIDN'T GET THE MEMO!!  I felt bad for the coaches kids, they were disappointed.  I'm not sure why they didn't go around the park and wave to the people who love them the most - Oh well, just hope they get there safely.

Can't wait for the game tomorrow night @ 8:00!!!!!