Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mooses :)

One of the cool parts of living in Wayan is the wildlife I get to see on my way to work. At least the wildlife that is not on the road. It makes me nervous because we love seeing these cool animals, but that means they are also near or on the road when it is dark. These cool "mooses" were crossing the road a few weeks ago when the kids were in the car with me. There were actually two more on the other side of the road. They are awesome - anyone know what is on the bulls face - weird, it looked white? I think the moose are my favorite!

I think the moose are my favorite!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Today is a special day. It's birthday time around our house. Seth was born 18 years ago today.


Seth also shares a birthday with this darling little guy:

This is Stephen Bowman - born a year ago on Seth's birthday, with the same heart condition as Seth. Sadly, Stephen only got to live here on earth for 44 days. I can't express what this little guy's story has brought into our lives. I will forever remember him when we celebrate each year. Happy Birthday to Stephen too!

Just look at that cute kid - he's the best looking 18 year old boy I know. Seth has a smile that melts hearts - at least his mommy's. I know he is not perfect, but he has some amazing qualities. He is incredibly smart, talented, and friendly. I love how easily he converses with people of all ages. How many high school boys get a birthday card and candy bar from the school custodian with a note saying - thanks for all the help. He will be a great missionary - in only a year - crazy!!

This song is for you bud:

I simply cannot believe that that beautiful little baby boy of mine is 18 years old.

Did I mention that life is never boring with Seth around - look at the proof above. Seth, I hope you have a great birthday. I'm glad the Lord sent you to us & that we were blessed enough to keep you here. Happy Birthday Bud!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wood Gettin'

It's wood gettin' time around the Stoor house. Check out that loaded truck & trailer:

I'm the designated driver:
Jim is the chainsaw operator:
Rowdy provides moral support:
Last Saturday was a beautiful day - we started first thing in the morning and brought 3 loads of wood home. Mara showed up to help - thanks sis. Megan & Shelby were troopers - Seth, he seemed to be missing. That's alright, he helped get most of Grandma & Grandpa's wood in their woodshed. We were going great until the chainsaw broke & then the wood splitter broke down too. What fun! It was an incredible fall day - just take a look:

We have a little more work to do, but it sure will feel good come January when the world is white and it dips below zero - burr!!


Tuesday we played hookie from work & school - it was time to work the cows. I'm sure you've already seen the pictures of Seth's day - kind of cool. Here are a few more from the day.

Shelby is in the blue coat & Jim in the black hat.

Beautiful morning!

Shelby & her friend Sierra - working & playing

They aren't anything alike are they??

Mara - I tried to get a pix of Seth for ya, LOL

My man - isn't he handsome? Jim works harder than anyone I know. He had worked all night Monday & then worked with the cows Tuesday.

It was a hard work - at least for the guys, but a pretty great day for me - I love getting to stay home and help. Oh, and the cows pregged up pretty good too! - Do I sound like a rancher's wife yet? LOL

More that 1 kind of education

O.K. - I lecture my kids all the time on how important school is, and we don't let them miss very often at all. It is a little easier to miss school before they reach high school, so the plan today was for Shelby to help us with the cattle. She talked her friend Sierra into coming with her and Seth announced to us that he made arrangements to be here to help also. I wasn't sure if that was a good idea, but we went with it - Megan was the only good kid that went to school today. Seth had been talking lately about becoming a veterinarian when he grows up. Jim mentioned to J.V. today that he thought it would be cool if Seth had the chance to preg-check a cow. For my city friends - you may not want to continue - gross pictures to follow! When there were just 3 or 4 cows left in the big bunch, J.V. looked at Seth and said " Get a glove on Seth" - I think my boy was a little shocked, but jumped right in - literally!

There are definitely things you can't learn in school - check out the future Dr. Stoor!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Cake

Check this out - my cake is famous. My sis-in-law Jodie sells this fancy french cookware - DeMarle. I was playing around with it last year and made a cake for the ward party. I thought - "I should take a picture and send it to Jodie", so I did, and now my cake is famous - well not really, but kind of cool to see it on the websites!,bgt0nV8L

"Don't focus on what you lack, focus on what you have, and be grateful."

"We show our gratitude by living, acting, and saying what He would have us do."

"To live with gratitude in our hearts is to touch heaven."

Thomas S. Monson