Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Farwell to Grays Lake Elementary

May 21, 2008 ~ It is a sad day for our little valley. This was the last spring program and graduation at the Grays Lake Elementary. The school closed after this year. It is hard to believe we have lost that piece of history ~ over 100 years old. My kids have been lucky enough to attend a 2 room school house (Mara went there for 5th & 6th grade ~ Seth for 3rd thru 6th grade ~ Megan K-6th grade ~ Shelby K-4th grade). It has been good for all of them, especially the little girls. They had so much one on one teaching; that is irreplaceable nowadays. Their Dad attended elementary in the same school also. The program was great, but also a tear jerker. Here are some photos from that day.


It's beautiful in January, but I have to say it's not so pretty on June 11!! I saw the forecast, but still couldn't believe it when I woke up to snow this morning. There is just something wrong with having to scrape the snow & ice off your windshield in June!