Friday, April 25, 2008

Pigs, Pigs, and more Pigs!!!

Weigh-in 2008

It's almost spring - O.K. not really, it is still snowing outside. I know it's supposed to be spring though, because the kids weighed in their 4-H hogs this last Saturday. Now you will probably really think I have lost my mind, but it is actually lots of fun. The pigs are always entertaining. They are a whole lot more like a dog than you would think. By the time the fair comes the first week of August, we are sick of pigs, but it is exciting when they are little. We weigh them in between 60-90 lbs, and by the first week of August they will weigh between 240-285 lbs. I guess that's why we call them pigs.

This is Seth with one of the biggest pigs this year. As you can see, he did not want someone carrying him around. He weighed in at 92 lbs. Seth has been great help this week - Jim had surgery last Wednesday on his shoulder and hand. Seth has been a trooper and covered his Dad's responsibilities without much complaint.

My kids think I'm nuts too, but I got a great new ringtone - sqealing pigs. It's now easy to hear my phone ring. I hate pictures of myself, but had to show how grown up my girls are getting. I may end up being the shortest one in the family.
I have to experiment with loading a video. We took plenty that day, Mara has a video project for school. I'm pretty sure no one else will have pigs!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Politician!

Mara must take after her dad. She was just elected next years Senior Class President! Jim has been on the school board for 4 years now - like he doesn't have enough to do? Mara will be a busy girl her senior year - volleyball, BPA, yearbook editor, and now class president. I am just amazed at how confident she has become. It's hard to see them spread there wings sometimes. She is getting too close to leaving her mommy!

Monday, April 7, 2008

JR. PROM - Mara Mae

It was a great night. Of course my daughter was the most beautiful girl at the prom! She had a great time with her date, Alex Torgesen. They spent the day in Idaho Falls with a big group of friends. I was totally impressed with the boy - they went to a movie that Mara was not impressed with (language and inuendos). After the first 15 min., Mara could tell it was not for her. He saw she didn't like it (he didn't either) so they got up and walked out. They left there friends there and told them to call when the movie was done. They went to the pet store next door and had a blast. I was amazed when Mara told us about it. She is incredible, and found herself a great friend. They went out to eat as a group at the Olive Garden, and came home to get ready for the prom. We went to watch them dance in the floor show, and got a few more pix. Overall she had a great time!

Rexburg Temple Trip

We were able to make a quick trip to the Rexburg Temple open house on January 1, 2008. It was great to be there with family and let the kids have the opportunity to see the inside of a temple. It was a beautiful day, but freezing with the wind blowing - just like I remember Rexburg being. The campus has changed so much; I bet it has more than doubled in size. It was fun to go back and show the kids a spot or two where we lived and played in college. I'm hoping Mara was impressed - I would love for here to go to school there, but we'll see.

The temple is beautiful. There is wheat everywhere to represent eternal life. There are several beautiful paintings of the Teton mountains. The stain glassed windows are gorgeous, and of course the Celestial room is incredible. I took my young women from the ward back up latter and they were able to take us on a special tour to see the bridal room. It is an incredible temple!