Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jim vs. Tree

Jim scored 1 tree 0......he was the victor.  Mom & Dad have a beautiful tree at the corner of the house that was starting to do some damage to the house so it was time to come down.  Sad day really - don't like taking them out, but sometimes you just have to.  Dad checked on hiring someone to come and take it out, but the $700.00 bill was a little hard to swallow....and if you know my husband....he volunteered to to the job.  I think the folks were a little nervous, but I knew it would get done.  Last Saturday became the day to get the job done.& of course the day the girls had their Lava trip planned.  So guess who his right hand man had to guessed it ME!  Mom joined in and worked herself til I thought she would be sick. 

Jim working on limbing the tree

That metal roof got a little slick with sawdust on it !

Dad wishing he could still be the one with the chainsaw.

The driveway got a little messy - saved what we could for firewood.

Dad chatting with Kaleb - their neighbor came and helped for a bit - thanks Kaleb!

My handsome men - they are hard workers.

The wedge is out!
And here it goes - Jim said to tell him if we saw it move, but I'm pretty sure he couldn't hear us yelling:

And it is safely down.......

.....right where he wanted it to land

Mom inspecting the job

....and the damage ~ good thing we got it down.

It was huge day of work, but we felt good to get the job done.  We hauled two loads in our big horse trailer to the dump & a bunch of firewood home.  It is a good feeling to get a job like that finished, but there were some sore muscles come Sunday morning.  I really hated having to take out a tree that has been there for 35 years, but sometimes it just has to be done.  Nice job Jim ~ maybe we should go into business ~ nevermind, bad idea!

Summer Ball

Shelby has been playing summer ball - We have followed her to a tournament in Idaho Falls & another in Tremonton, UT.  This week she is gone the entire week for a camp/tournament in Nyssa, OR.  I started sorting through the hundreds of pictures and even more videos.  I need to post some videos, but you will have to live with pictures for now.  They are just taking one team to all of the camps so she is getting some tough competition.  It has been really good for her to get some experience with the varsity girls & against some huge teams.  We are definitely the little guy in all these tournaments.These pictures are from Tremonton:

wanting the rebound

taking a shot
These next pictures just kill me - this is Shelby & her friend Tawny looking a little relaxed before their morning game while the rest of the team warms up:

Something is funny!

The coach even joined in on their conversation before......

they finally get up to go join the team!  Silly girls are just happy to be playing ball again!

See how happy - I think she really does love playing this game!

going for a rebound

Good defense Shelby!
It was a blast watching her play again - makes me excited for winter - only for the basketball!  They won 3 out of six games in Idaho Falls.  Beat 2 Madison teams & a Minico team ~ see, I told you the schools were big.  I got a little smarter at the Utah tournament and wrote down the scores.  Here they are:

they would be here if I could get the girls to answer the phone!!!

I did email myself a video yesterday, but the rest are at home on the Ipad....will try to get a few more up this week.  Here is one of Shelby's baskets - love me some time on the bleachers watching my girl!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Swimming Cousins

The girls got together to go swimming in Lava....the town as Shay says.  The girls cooked up plans to go swimming on Saturday ~ good excuse to come spend the weekend with Grandma I think.  Here they are all ready to head out for the fun.  

Jenna, Shelby, Megan, Katie, Jade, & Shay

 And then they had to show me that they know how to swim....Jade is a lifeguard and promised they would all come home! 

Sounds like they had a blast minus a few sunburned bodies.  We love cousins!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What is the big news at our house...........

Can you see it now.........

Look at those eyes.........

And guess who got her permit.......................

Yup ~ It's baby girl got her driver's permit........

How SCARY is that....................?

Yes....I sat it the back seat.....made Mara Mae be the brave that she is officially 22 and old enough to be the licensed driver in the front seat!
No.... really.... it is all good.  Shelby finished her driver's ed training & now has to get a minimum of 40 hours in over the next 6 months.  She will be ready to get her official license just a week or two after her brother gets home from his mission.  She drove her first big trip on our way to Tremonton, UT for a summer basketball tournament.  She did great.... just have to give her a bad time whenever possible.  So watch out for the new driver in town!